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Fate of A Faux ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:Fate of A Faux
Author:Meagan Brandy, AMO JONES
SeriesLords of Rathe #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.56 MB
ePub Size524 KB
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The ruler of the underworld is no more.
A new one must now arise…

I was mistaken about London Crow.
To put it bluntly, she is worse.

There is no limit to how much I despise her.
My obsession with her will never die.

But the destinies will not be defied, and my failure to have her may be what kills us all.

Because of her, a shadow has descended onto the streets of Rathe, casting a shadow over the beloved Kingdom we all know and cherish.

My unattainable soul mate.
This inextricable connection, which I simply can’t break.

Only by focusing on her can equilibrium be restored.

The issue? I thought nothing of shattering the girl into a million pieces. It won’t be simple to win her forgiveness, but that’s okay.

Even if she refuses to hand it over willingly, I will.
Making one blunder at a time.

About The Author Meagan Brandy

Meagan Brandy, a best-selling author in the USA Today and Wall Street Journal, specialises in New Adult romance novels with an original take on the genre. She’s a jukebox addict with a sweet tooth and a penchant for rapping her thoughts. She was born and reared in California, and now she is a happily married mother of three wild sons who keep her running from one sports pitch to another. She finds solace in both writing and Starbucks.

Fate of A Faux Book Summary

Wildfire Marketing was kind enough to send me an earc of Fate of Faux by Meagan Brandy and Amo Jones. My emotions and thoughts are unaffected by this.

Please check trigger warnings, as this is a dark fantasy with disturbing content. I have left some down here.

After the cliffhanger ending of the first book, Fate of Faux has been at the top of my reading list. The ending left me wanting to pick up the next book in the series right away. And I was expecting the action to start straight away and be intense in this one. We had no time to prepare for any of it, though.

Not everyone will enjoy this series. But I appreciate the novelty of the style. Our feet are firmly planted in two quite distinct universes. A world governed by magic, and a world devoid of it. This grim fantasy has so many facets, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Still, I find myself rooting for London because she is such a compelling protagonist. And even if everything around her is crumbling, she remains unwavering. She persists in striving for excellence and defending her worth. It was great to see London come into her own in this setting. Develop into her true self. What she was always meant to be.

Knight, our male protagonist, is a tough guy. He has a deep-seated hatred of those who don’t share his loyalty to his people and family. No matter the cost to himself or those he cares about. Here, Knight reveals some of his human side, and it was refreshing to see a different side of him. He is capable of acting as a dominant bully. However, he is not without his flaws. The sight of those was also appreciated.

In this love story, there are instances of genuine physical violence. The fact of the matter is, however, that it was predetermined for them to locate one another. They complement one another very well and are a wonderful pairing. On the other hand, they have been a significant source of harm to one another. Naturally, by the time the story comes to a close, I want some of these problems to have been handled. Even while it’s not a deal breaker, I really wish that this was explored even more. And despite the fact that there are certain wrinkles that need to be smoothed out. There is no denying the electric tension that exists between them.

Thus, Fate of Faux is set in a harsh and difficult environment. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little lost at first. I wish there had been a bit more background information about the world. At times, I felt that I didn’t have enough information or that things weren’t being explained to me in the way that I wanted them to be. I enjoyed how the worldbuilding was woven gradually into the story. The information was not dumped on the reader at once but rather subtly woven into the narrative. The more we get into the series, the more I get the impression that we have barely scratched the surface of this planet.

In my evaluation, I mentioned that it was impossible to discern who wrote which sections of Fate of Royal. Everyone spoke in their own inimitable tones. I wouldn’t be able to tell that there were two authors here if I didn’t know that going in. There were instances when I felt like the writing could have been better. What I wanted just a little bit more of, I can’t really put my finger on.


I’m not going to tell you a lie and pretend that I enjoyed every single second of reading this book; in fact, I only rated the first half of it three stars. The book was so good that I couldn’t put it down even for a second. In comparison to the first half, this was a lot more intriguing. It went rapidly, kept me on my toes, and had a lot riding on the outcome. Towards the beginning, there were a couple points where I was totally confused. It makes perfect sense to me. However, I had to skip ahead and reread certain sections. It’s possible that something was off with the way I was reading it. Despite this, I continued to be perplexed. The puzzle started to come together, and it was suddenly much easier to see the broader picture. I did not take pleasure in the fact that I was occasionally confused.

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