The Best Kind of Forever (PDF/ePub) By Celeste Briars Read Online

The Best Kind of Forever (ePUB/PDF) By Celeste Briars Read Online for free.

The Best Kind of Forever Information

Book Name:The Best Kind of Forever
Author:Celeste Briars
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Aeris Relera has had nothing but bad luck in life: a selfish ex, absentee parents, and a troubled past that won’t let go. One night when she’s down on her luck, a mysterious knight in shining armour (or, more accurately, a knight in hockey shoulder pads) comes to her rescue and prevents her from imbibing too heavily in tequila.

Hayes Hollings’s troubled background refuses to stay hidden, and his blunders have a greater impact when they are shared with the public. Neither his romantic life nor his reputation will benefit from him being a disgraced NHL player. Hayes devises a cunning scheme to portray himself as a devoted boyfriend in order to win over the public’s favour.

Aeris has come to terms with the fact that she will never experience the joys of romantic love, but as Hayes rewrites her fate, she finds herself torn between giving love another go and protecting her heart from the largest playboy in the Riverside Reapers. Hayes may appear to be the ideal partner for Aeris as she attempts to relearn how to fall in love, but he is actually hiding a devastating secret that could destroy her life.

When two people couldn’t be more different from one another, would love triumph or would deadly lies tear them apart?

The Best Kind of Forever is an entertaining hockey romance with a swoon-worthy reformed playboy, a phoney dating scheme, spice so fiery it will make you rethink your religious beliefs, and a second shot at love between two very different people. Although it’s the first in a series, this novel stands well on its own.

The Best Kind of Forever is a fulfilling happily ever after in the form of a hockey romance, whereby he falls for her first and harder, wherever they are complete contrasts, wherein she is a heroine of average size, and where there is no cheating.

About The Author Celeste Briars

Independent novelist Celeste Briars writes steamy hockey love stories. Meet-cutes and happy endings are her speciality. She enjoys watching horror films on repeat, spending time with her pets, and going out dancing with her friends when she’s not writing. Please curl up with a Reapers novel and stay a while if you’re in search of literature with enough heat to make you question your religious ideals and enough sweetness to make your heart sing!

The Best Kind of Forever Book Summary

I feel like I get to experience a story for the first time when I read a debut novel.

The public’s perception of Hayes Hollings needs to be polished badly. He’s gotten into fights at bars, drank excessively, and slept with a few too many women. After consulting with his bros, he concludes that a sham relationship is the best course of action. But Aeris Relera and genuine emotion were surprises.

Aeris is hesitant to commit to anyone after experiencing heartbreak in the past. by her abusive ex-boyfriend, her brother’s tragic death, and her horrible father. However, she soon learns that Hayes is unrelenting in his

Oh, my. Hayes’s adoration of Aeris in this scene. Being a curvy woman with stretch marks, that scene brought me to tears.

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