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Book Name:To The Man I Loved Too Much
AuthorGabrielle G.
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size:1.79 MB
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Gabrielle G. depicts various love stories in her first collection of poems, beginning with the first spark of attraction and ending with the most devastating heartbreak. She writes in verse the anguish that we have all felt at some point in our lives. A collection of poetry that, at the same time, will make your heart smile and cry.

About Gabrielle G. Author

Genuine, unfiltered, and original.
Because things in life aren’t always simple.

The writing of Gabrielle G. is propelled by unadulterated feeling, and as a result, it will leave you gasping for air, aching for more, and wiping away tears all at the same time.

She continues to celebrate her half-birthdays, will do everything for a steaming cup of tea, and believes that everyone possesses a seductive voice that lies dormant within them.

Gabrielle was born in France, and although she had previously called Switzerland home, she now makes her home in Montreal with her family and a cat who is notoriously grumpy.

To The Man I Loved Too Much Book Summary

Gabrielle G.’s writing consistently astounds me and takes my breath away. This collection of poems is without a doubt one of her works that I value in her top five collections. Even though I rarely read poetry, I’m pleased I did this time since I think she’s really stepped it up in that department. I discovered that I was considering each and every one of them, as well as how I would react to each predicament if I imagined that I was in it.

You are able to sense the love, sadness, fury, and determination that spill out onto each and every page. This book is a must read and purchase because it has twelve stories that can resonate with people from all walks of life. I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy for yourself and allow yourself to go down and then back up again in the tools that love can provide.

Poetry in the Book

‘I asked the moon to guide me,
In the path of our love,
As I was blind to see.
Stellar tips.

The moon stayed silent,
But the stars screamed
That our love was distant.
Lunar eclipse.

The sun came to my rescue
And burnt all my doubts
But then payment was due.
Solar explosion.

So, I gave my sky away,
Blackened by madness;
And left you in dismay.
Heartless decision.’

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To The Man I Loved Too Much summary

This brand new collection of poems was a joy for me to read. In her poems, Gabrielle G. was able to effectively convey a wide range of feelings, including love, anger, heartbreak, and more. There are a total of fourteen “chapters” in this book, each of which has a distinct but significant meaning. In addition, the artwork that appears at the beginning of each “chapter” is quite lovely.
The poems written by Gabrielle G. are extremely honest and introspective. They convey such a strong sense of feeling, which is something that I believe to be really vital in poetry.


This is the first poetry collection published by Gabrielle G, and it takes the reader on a rollercoaster trip of sentiments that is both vivid and emotional, and it is a ride that they will never forget. You will have a difficult time NOT deeply relating to the imagery that the author draws with her words throughout this book, no matter what kind of love you have experienced in your life or how long ago it was. I am positive that you will find something within these pages that speaks to you, whether it is raw, moving, heartbreaking, or even lustful. I can say with absolute certainty that you will. Words of beauty from a person with a wonderful soul.

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