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Book Name:The Sinner
AuthorShantel Tessier
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I grew up in a society where riches and influence are easily accessible. My dad is a highly regarded member of a shadowy international organisation known as the LORDs. My family and I learned we were not immune to disaster when it struck. When I believed things couldn’t get much worse, hell opened its gates and showed me what it’s like. Then he came to my rescue. My particular villain, dressed up as a hero. You will inevitably be satisfied with the results. Not when the salvation of a human being is at stake.

I VOW. You Swear. WE VOW.

Easton Bradley Sinnett, well known by his moniker “Sin,” abuses his position of power for his own sadistic gratification. He acted in typical Lord fashion and never considered the repercussions of his decisions. I developed an early fascination with and need for him. When I fantasised about indulging in behaviours that I knew were bad for me, he was the one I saw.

One day, I learned that he was not who I had always believed him to be. But by that point, I was already too far gone to make a difference. I think my feelings for him deepened instead.

Every once in a while, someone walks into your life and completely changes everything. After sin completely demolished me, I got down on my knees to offer my gratitude.

Nobody or nothing is everlasting. No man like him would ever commit to a woman like me. They utilise me, but they don’t keep me. I shouldn’t have been shocked when he abandoned me.

The more sinister aspects of love were always what my body sought. Those that resulted in visible physical damage. Most people would consider me to be demonic. And when Satan assured me of his affection, I was even more resolved to demonstrate my undying loyalty.

About The Author Shantel Tessier

USA Today and the Wall Street Journal feature Shantel’s intriguing tale. A high school romance turns into a lifetime love tale. Watch the amazing story of a gorgeous lady who discovered her love and became a loving spouse. They enjoy a happy life in Oklahoma’s heartland with two beautiful kids. She reads on her comfy couch. She loves writing, but family comes first.

The Sinner Book Summary

The Sinner comes from a culture that is vastly different from our own, with norms that are extremely barbaric: it’s eat, kill, fuck, sleep. However, native-born members of that community who reject it are easy targets. Or, life was fantastically perilous.

Sin and Elli have spent their entire lives preparing to pass on the dark traditions of their secret organisation. Elli bore the evil side of society while Sin absorbed its norms with glee. Although Sin saved Elli, his savage behaviour casts doubt on whether or not Elli can truly love him. Unbeknownst to her, Elli’s mother has been training her to serve the predators. What she went through was heartbreakingly inhuman. Sin serves a culture that is manipulating him without his knowledge. As a matter of fact, he’s a sadist. He is determined to have Elli despite the severe repercussions of violating the norms of society. Although Sin takes Elli as his own, kills for her, and defends her, he ultimately crushes her heart. Sin’s standards are dubious.

This novel was better than the author’s last one in my opinion. The plot’s unexpected turns were skillfully handled. The primary characters are given more time and energy here. However, my original complaint stands: there is far too much sex for my tastes. This is a highly triggering read. It’s a harmful emotional connection that feeds your shadow self.

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