Surrounded by Idiots (PDF/ePUB) By Thomas Erikson Read Online

Surrounded by Idiots (PDF/ePUB) By Thomas Erikson Read Online for free.

Surrounded by Idiots Information

Book Name:Surrounded by Idiots
Author:Thomas Erikson
SeriesThe Surrounded by Idiots
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size4 MB
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Surrounded by Idiots, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, is a Swedish bestseller that offers a revolutionary new way of comprehending the people around you—from employees to spouses.

According to Thomas Erikson, there are four main personality types that determine how we relate to and interpret the world around us. The key to effective communication is learning someone’s behavioural pattern. Erikson classifies people into four distinct personality types and provides guidance on how to recognise and communicate effectively with each of them (Reds, who are dominating and commanding; Yellows, who are gregarious and cheerful; Greens, who are relaxed and pleasant; and Blues, who are analytical and precise). Instead of becoming mired down in complicated classifications, the system’s four colours may be used to quickly identify a buddy or coworker so you can tailor your conversation and information sharing accordingly.

You’ll find a wealth of useful advice for communicating with individuals of diverse backgrounds in Surrounded by Idiots, such as the best way to phrase an email to someone who doesn’t share your values or how to deliver constructive criticism.

About The Author Thomas Erikson

Thomas Erikson is a speaker, writer, and motivator whose work focuses on improving interpersonal and professional communication.

Surrounded by Idiots Book Summary

Have you ever questioned the necessity of time spent contemplating issues at hand? Or why you feel the need to be the focal point of every situation. I don’t understand why some individuals are so messy and thoughtless. Or how you came to be surrounded by such dummies. Thomas Erikson is the one providing the context. He divides people into four distinct personality types based on how they communicate differences using a tried and true method. People with a red personality trait are impatient and results-oriented, those with a yellow trait are upbeat and crave the spotlight, those with a green trait are relaxed and attentive, and those with a blue trait are methodical and detail-oriented. There should be people of all different colours in the finest team.

Of course, sceptics would point out that there are many permutations possible with this approach, and most people display more than one colour. Someone else would say that it’s bad to categorise individuals, but Thomas Erikson doesn’t prioritise any particular trait, he just acknowledges that we’re all unique. This is merely a communication tool. Understanding the root of problems allows us to address them more effectively. This approach is not foolproof, of course. People are erratic and convoluted. The truth is usually murkier.

The book, now in a new version, is fun to read and practical in both professional and personal settings. This is beneficial for everyone, as communication is essential to our daily lives.

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