Tempt Our Fate (PDF/ePUB) By Kat Singleton Read Online For Free

Tempt Our Fate (PDF/ePUB) By Kat Singleton Read Online For Free

Tempt Our Fate Information

Book Name:Tempt Our Fate
Author:Kat Singleton
SeriesSutten Mountain #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.64 MB
ePub Size1.63 MB
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Camden Hunter is out of place in this group.

I was born and raised in Sutten Mountain, a little hamlet where everybody knows your name and trouble can be seen coming from miles away.

Problems arise in Camden.

He’s a haughty, egocentric billionaire from the city who thinks only of himself.

And right next door to my bakery, he’s opened a magnificent art gallery.

So when he comes to me in a bind, I can’t help but offer him a deal: I’ll cater his grand opening if he spends a day in my city with me, getting to know me and seeing all the amazing things that make this place so special.

I thought he’d get a different impression of Sutten than he did. I was taken aback to see a side of him I hadn’t anticipated.

I used to want him to leave, but now I really want him to stay. I’m starting to doubt that he could ever fall for me after watching him fall for the city.

There’s only one catch, though. Neither Camden Hunter nor I are welcome in either of our respective communities.

He’s a fire and I’m the fuel, and the more we flirt with disaster, the more I wonder how much longer we can go on.

Tempt Our Fate is a hot romance set in a tiny town with an age gap and a millionaire protagonist. The town of Sudden Mountain will be the focus of the author’s second novel. In and of itself, it is sufficient.

Beginning of the Plot

In a little town, the narrator is attempting to close a deal at a coffee shop. The narrator is reluctant to follow the suggestion of a client to get coffee beans from a different source. The customer makes the suggestion. Peter, the customer, is a patron who has not yet completed his order but is worn out as a result of the day’s activities. The narrator is attempting to make a transaction but is having trouble locating a fresh source of supply. The narrator is exhausted and has a long list of things to accomplish, which includes making cupcakes and pastries, among other things. The narrator is reluctant to accept advice from a complete stranger on the management of their company, but they are motivated to assist the next individual. The narrator enters the coffee shop, grabs a water, and places an order for someone named Peter, who seems to be a Peter. The narrator has a worker named Lexi who is taking a lunch break, yet they are still able to complete all of the orders in the allotted amount of time.

Recent months have been quite successful for Wake and Bake, and as a result, the author is thinking about adding another member to the team in order to meet the rising demand for winter holidays. The untimely passing of the author’s mother has been a persistent and distressing source of emotional strain for the author. They are quite enthusiastic about the possibility that additional consumers may go to the Richardsons’ gallery next door, which they have been contemplating renting in order to make room for development.

The author is unclear on whether or not the area is available for purchase, as well as under what circumstances that may occur. They make the decision to provide refreshments to the throng in order to welcome them, but their intention is not to dazzle the tourist businesspeople. They then create an updo by wrapping their hair in a twist and styling it. Lexi makes a remark on their look, bringing up the fact that their apron is soiled with coffee.

The author is not concerned with making a good impression on anybody with their appearance, although it would be nice if people enjoyed their confections. They have high hopes that if they can make a favourable impression on one of the owners before the deal is finalised, the owner may rethink their decision and consider selling the property to them instead.

Lexi tugs at the thread of their apron as they go out the door, indicating that they should remove it before leaving the house. Although the author has some reservations about wearing a T-shirt, Lexi is in agreement that it is more practical than an apron and that the Wake and Bake merchandise is adorable. The author makes the choice to purchase the T-shirt and engage in social interaction.

About The Author Kat Singleton

Black Ties and White Lies, written by Kat Singleton, is one of the five best-selling books on Amazon. She is well-known for her witty, sophisticated, and oh-so-spicy dialogue between the upper class. Kat works hard to give her characters a real, genuine love story, and she believes that no novel is complete without a little heartbreak before the happy ending.

She has two children and a spouse and they all make their home in Kansas. She gets through her free time on iced coffee and the occasional page of her current book.

Tempt Our Fate Book Summary

The author of such anger and steam is Kat Singleton. In her final Sutten Mountain novel, Pippa and Camden were briefly introduced as adversaries, but instantaneous sparks sprang between them. The characters in this novel begin the story by actively loathing one another. It was a slow burn, despite the fact that sparks were flying swiftly from their intense sparring battles. When they had to share a horse, that was the most exciting thing that happened in the first half, and it left me wanting more.

The situations in which Pippa and Camden found themselves were hilarious, and I enjoyed their connection. When I first saw them together, I didn’t realise how much I wanted them to be so far apart in age. I thought it was well done and added depth to their romance.

I didn’t believe Kat when she said how much she adored Camden, but now I have to admit that she may be right. Every action of his is deliberate.

Small town, compelled proximity, enemies-to-lovers plot, generation divide, billionaire love: all tropes.

In exchange for my honest assessment, the author provided me with an advanced reader’s copy of the book.

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