Psycho Shifters (PDF/ePUB) By Jasmine Mas Read Online

Psycho Shifters (PDF/ePUB) By Jasmine Mas Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Psycho Shifters
Author:Jasmine Mas
SeriesCruel Shifterverse #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.52 MB
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Wage war like a woman—or a legendary shapeshifter.

Growing up poor, I discovered my calling as a shifter, an elite soldier who can turn into a monster.

My only goal is to stay alive.

My three 6’5″ housemates were a surprise to me. These individuals are unlike any I have ever encountered. They are heavily tattooed, adorned with jewellery, and sport horns.

That I don’t fit in among them.
They doubt my ability to hold my own in battle.
No one believes in my battling prowess.

Soon I will show them how incorrect they are.

The only catch is, if they find out my secrets, can I survive? In a fight to the finish, appearances can be deceiving.

When Jax, Ascher, and Cobra find out the truth about me, they are going to be devastated.

This is a disturbing paranormal bully romance with a reverse harem dynamic. This tale of three insane alpha shifters and the girl who stands up to them is not for the weak of heart.

Burning Slowly
Warning: Explicit content (hot MMM and Mm Fm sequences) Reverse Harem with a fresh perspective on the Omega Universe. We find dysfunctional coping techniques hilarious because they are dark and bloody. Reasons why something might happen.

Beginning of the Plot

Dick, the protagonist, wakes up to discover that his sister Lucinda has disappeared. They are both in Dick’s employ, although Lucinda seems to be tolerated more than expected. In the shifter world, they put on their old wool jackets and boots before being locked in their apartments and carried to a nearby town by his Yukata horse. They have successfully escaped the monster.

Null shifters are the most common kind of shifter and are not very outstanding, whereas ABOs are the elite of the shifter world. Despite being the most frequent ABO, betas are not able to shift and are weaker and slower than nulls. Alphas are the most awesome ABOs since they are enormous, immortal, and have the ability to shapeshift into fantastical beasts. Omegas are held in the highest regard; they are immortal and can shrink down to innocuous little creatures. However, the news claims that alphas are dying out, since omegas were the only shifters that could birth ABOs, leaving none left in the realm.

The protagonist doesn’t understand why ABOs are dying out if they’re immortal, but he chalks it up to his immaturity. Surrounded by snowy peaks and pine needles, they leave the domain of the shapeshifters and continue on their way.

Lucinda and Dick are two null slaves living in the shifting world and the protagonists of this novel. At the age of 20, they are not subjected to any kind of test at the holy lake, but they are not weaklings, either. They are surrounded by snow-capped mountains and raccoons as they ascend a tree branch. They talk about the books they’ve read and act out scenes in which a huge beast roars across the forest.

As they go upwards, Dick reveals that a town shifter has noticed them in the woods. He takes precautions to safeguard Lucinda, who despite her little stature has enormous ruby eyes. They both have bloodshot eyes, but our heroine isn’t going to let the monster dull her radiance.

Even when shifter Dick attempts to terrify Lucinda, she avoids him by taking refuge beneath her bed. They go to Dick’s room, where Dick, who is no match for Dick’s beta strength, beats him with his fists. The protagonist makes a pact with themselves to stop crying the next time it happens, reasoning that just as in the library books, great explorers never weep.

The narrative emphasises the significance of being strong like a shifter and the risks associated with being a null servant. The protagonist’s struggle to get out from the shifting world shows the might and determination of these beings.

About The Author Jasmine Mas

In her spare time, best-selling Amazon author Jasmine Mas reads and writes books about courageous women.

She attended both Georgetown and UMiami Law School, earning degrees from both. Both hockey and Harry Potter fan fiction are two of her favourite hobbies.

Psycho Shifters Book Summary

As the titles of the book and series suggest, PSYCHO SHIFTERS is the beginning of the Cruel Shifterverse series, and it is not a feel-good read. From the enigmatic prophecies in the Sacred Lake to the alpha-holes, the plot is compelling and intriguing.

Sadie had been whipped with a belt numerous times during her life. She agrees with it if it will keep her sister safe. Not quite fine, but I think you get the point. Due to a chain of unfortunate events, she is abandoned at a training facility where no one, not even the other alphas, thinks very highly of her.

Each of the other alphas has its own charming quirks and responses to her presence. Even though Ascher is the focus of the story, we learn more about Jax and Cobra.

You have been warned: this contains explicit material. The level of violence is also appropriately high for this work.

It leaves you dangling at the conclusion, so be warned. Those Crusaders! I cannot wait to see where this voyage leads us. Certainly something I would recommend.

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