Single Dads Club (PDF/ePUB) By Rebel Bloom Read Online

Single Dads Club (PDF/ePUB) By Rebel Bloom Read Online for free.

Single Dads Club Information

NameSingle Dads Club
AuthorRebel Bloom
File TypePDF/ePub
PDF Size1.72MB
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After my ex-husband abandoned our daughter and me, I swore off men forever.
But now I have to decide between three gorgeous single dads.

I’m a struggling art teacher and the single parent of a rambunctious seven-year-old whose family is facing foreclosure.
The term “hot mess” describes me almost exactly.

My best friend has been pressuring me to join a local single moms club, so I finally gave in.
When I accidentally enter the wrong meeting, I find myself staring into the eyes of the three most attractive men I’ve ever seen.
The club for single fathers to which you have been invited.

My heart skips a beat whenever I see Sawyer, the doctor with the beautiful blue eyes.
Jack, the hulking mechanic with a fiery disposition, incenses me to no end.
And there’s Beck, the tattooed photographer whose very presence sends shivers down my spine.
Everyone here are single fathers. Extremely satanic in every way. Completely smitten with me.

They all want more after what was only supposed to be a one-night stand.
They have no idea how much more I have to give when a simple pregnancy test shows two pink lines.

Unfortunately, they swore to me they were done having children.

About the Author Rebel Bloom

Rebel Bloom has written several novels with a reverse harem dynamic. This subgenre of romantic novels is becoming increasingly popular. Characteristics of the protagonist often give rise to the reverse harem.

Single Dads Club Book Summary

Holy cow, this was awesome. I usually avoid novels on motherhood and childbirth, but this one was amazing. It was wonderful how Winnie stormed into the meeting with the boys in complete disarray. Things really heated up fast though, so that was funny. The fact that Sawyer, Beck, and Jack were so obsessed with her was fantastic. Except for Birdie, I adored all of their kids. I appreciate that she was trying to be amusing by being disrespectful, but she is the worst.

I detested her and hoped that, instead of making light of her rudeness, they would have taught her better manners. Winnie, you seem to have no problem getting the other kids to behave, but your own kid acts like a diva all the time and you just don’t care. Rather of being endearing, it was quite irritating. It also didn’t make any sense that she was supposed to be seven but was acting like a teenager.

That was the one part of the book I didn’t enjoy. I was also very irritated by the fact that she had already informed the men that Winnie was expecting, as I had hoped they would get the news directly from Winnie herself. I can’t stand that she ruined her opportunity to vent her frustration. That youngster has earned my utmost loathing. I was so enraged that I almost flung my e-reader across the room.

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More than I anticipated, the novel moved me to tears. When Henry inquired about his mother, Winnie shared the story of her own father. The ending was also quite heartwarming; these are the best people. More people like that are needed in the world right now. The kids usually don’t appeal to me, but I found myself warming to them this time around (with the exception of Birdie, who was truly horrible). I have no qualms admitting that I stayed up reading till 4 in the morning.

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