The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (PDF/ePUB) By Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (PDF/ePUB) By Conan Doyle for free.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Information

Book Name:The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Author:Arthur Conan Doyle
SeriesSherlock Holmes #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size37 MB
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It was the short story collection The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that catapulted Holmes and Watson to international fame and created a fortune for the Strand magazine. Included in this volume are several of the master detective’s most famous cases, including “The Red-Headed League,” “The Blue Carbuncle,” and “The Speckled Band.”
Richard Lancelyn Green, the volume’s editor, is also responsible for collecting and editing The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Uncollected Sherlock Holmes. The A. Conan Doyle Bibliography in the Soho Series was compiled by him and John Michael Gibson.

About The Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the third of ten children. His mother, Mary Foley, was born in Ireland, while his famous illustrator father, Charles Altamont Doyle, was born in England to Irish parents. In 1855, they tied the knot.

To this day, it is unclear where the compound surname “Conan Doyle” came from (assuming that is how he intended it to be understood), despite the fact that he is universally known by that name. ‘Arthur Ignatius Conan’ is listed as his Christian name and ‘Doyle’ is listed as his last name in the baptismal registry of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh. Michael Conan is listed as his godfather on the document.

When Conan Doyle was nine years old, his parents enrolled him in Hodder Place, Stonyhurst, a Roman Catholic Jesuit preparatory school. He enrolled at and graduated from Stonyhurst College in 1875.

He attended medical school at the University of Edinburgh during the years 1876 and 1881. As a result, he had to make regular trips to the cities of Aston (now a neighbourhood of Birmingham) and Sheffield to provide medical aid. Conan Doyle started writing short stories while he was in college. He had his first tale published in “Chambers’ Edinburgh Journal” before he was 20. After completing medical school, he took a job as a ship’s doctor on the SS Mayumba, which took him to the coast of West Africa. In 1885, he defended his dissertation on tabes dorsalis for his doctoral degree.

Conan Doyle wed “Touie” Louisa (or Louisa) Hawkins in 1885. She passed away on July 4, 1906, from TB. Jean Elizabeth Leckie, with whom he fell in love in 1897, became his wife the following year. His loyalty to his first wife had led him to keep his connection with Jean strictly platonic during her lifetime. On June 27, 1940, Jean passed away in London.

Conan Doyle fathered five children. His first marriage bore him two children: Mary Louise (born on January 28, 1889 and passed away on June 12, 1976) and Arthur Alleyne Kingsley, better known as Kingsley (15 November 1892 and died on October 28, 1918). With his second wife, the Georgian Princess Nina Mdivani (ca. 1910-19 February 1987; formerly Barbara Hutton’s sister-in-law), Denis Percy Stewart (17 March 1909-9 March 1955) had three children: Adrian Malcolm (19 November 1910-3 June 1970), Jean Lena Annette (21 December 1912-18 November 1997), and Denis Percy Stewart Jr.

On July 7, 1930, Conan Doyle was discovered in the hall of his home Windlesham in Crowborough, East Sussex, holding his chest. At age 71, he passed away suddenly from a heart attack. In his final moments, he told his wife, “You are wonderful.” His monument in the graveyard of Minstead, New Forest, Hampshire, with the following epitaph:


Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s home in the south London suburb of Hindhead, had served as a hotel and restaurant from 1924 until 2004. It’s currently abandoned as environmentalists and Conan Doyle devotees work to save it.

In Crowborough, where Conan Doyle spent 23 years of his life, there is a cross with a statue of the author. Picardy Place, Edinburgh, is home to a statue of Sherlock Holmes not far from the home where Conan Doyle was born.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Book Summary

Analytical finesse! That’s fantastic. As a matter of fact, I frequently engage in this practise. Not very, most of the time I just pretend to be a genius. However, one of the most thrilling human experiences is to transcend one’s immediate physical reality and discover a hidden (but clear) order through one’s brain alone. Not that I intend to. I’m referring to the basic idea of a mystery novel.

Watson frequently says that the solution that Holmes arrives at is the most obvious and straightforward one. But the logic itself continues to perplex him. His fault is that he doesn’t take notice. He is perceptive, but not observant. The solution is always in plain sight, yet most people miss it. Understatement is essential. To hell with chance.

Doyle’s prose is nevertheless awkward and restricted at times, and many of the authors he influences (such as Joseph Conrad and Henry James) will surpass him in their dedication to logic. Each of the stories in this book attempts to make sense of the incomprehensible, and there is much to be gleaned from the methodical manner Doyle builds his world (in a decaying, fin de siècle, London that is too big to comprehend). Fiction that glorifies insanity has never interested me. I’m interested in authors who pick up the pieces, examine them, and piece together the missing links. So, are you shocked to learn that T.S. Eliot once admitted to being a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Amazing, considering Eliot’s picky tastes, but modernist tendencies may be found in Doyle’s stories, particularly in the way it seeks to impose order, logic, and science in the face of murder, insanity, and eccentricity.

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