Shivapuri Baba (Govindananda Bharati): Quotes, Age, Life, Death

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Who is Shivapuri Baba

Shivapuri Baba Wikipedia
Full NameSri Govindananda Bharati
Known nameShivapuri Baba
Born date 1826, Akkikkavu
Died28 January 1963, Kathmandu, Nepal
Death Age137 Years
BooksRight Life: Teachings of the Shivapuri Baba

Early life

In the state of Kerala, Shivapuri Baba was born into a Brahmin family. His grandpa, a well-known astrologer, predicted that the kid would grow up to be a brilliant sannyasin (renunciate or travelling monk) and served as his teacher until 1840.

At the age of 18, Shivapuri Baba wanted to quit the world. He joined his grandpa in the upper Deccan jungle, on the banks of the river Narbada, after signing a will transferring his rights of succession in his father’s land to his sister.

After his death, the grandpa urged that the son meditate until he attained God-realization, then do a trip on foot not just across India but also throughout the globe, and he laid aside money for this purpose.

Meeting with Sri Ramakrishna

He toured all of India’s sacred sites and met Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Aurobindo. He continued on to Afghanistan and Persia before making a journey to Mecca. Following his visit to the islam shrine, he went to Jerusalem, the holy city of both Judaism and Christianity.

To get a better understanding of the Christian faith, he travelled to Turkey, then across the Balkans to Greece, then via Italy to Rome. He was invited to England by Queen Victoria’s Indian Secretariat after seeing most European nations, and he had 18 private meetings with the queen.

Later Life

Following his grandfather’s death, the young man was initiated as a sannyasin and given the name Govindananda Bharati. He subsequently withdrew to the Narbada jungle, where he lived the next 25 years in complete isolation.

During this time, he was utterly oblivious of the 1856 Indian Mutiny. He attained the beatific vision at the age of 50, becoming aware of the divine as absolute, without name and form, which is considered the greatest and most arduous level of Godrealization in Hinduism. After that, he embarked on his big pilgrimages.

J. G. Bennett, the sage’s biographer, met him in 1961, when he was already a claimed 135 years old, and he left an indelible effect on him. “He was a real saint who had an instant and uplifting influence on everyone who entered his presence,” Bennett said. During his long life, Shivapuri Baba had a tremendous impact on many people, including Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians.

Britain was ruled by George IV at the time of his birth, and the future Queen Victoria was just seven years old. Shivapuri Baba later travelled to England and paid no less than 18 visits to Queen Victoria, arguably the first Indian holy figure to be asked to see her.

A Visit to United States

Shivapuri visited the United States in 1901 following the queen’s death and met President Theodore Roosevelt. He spent two or three years in America before travelling to Mexico, where he met Porfirio Diaz, and then on to Colombia and Peru through the Andes.

After spending time in South America, he boarded a ship bound for the Pacific Islands, passing through New Zealand and Australia before arriving in Japan in 1913. He then travelled through Nepal on an ancient pilgrim route before returning to India and visiting Benares. He walked 80% of the way, covering more than 25,000 miles.

Returning Home

After 70 years as a travelling sannyasin, he returned to Kerala, where he had grown up. His sister, who had also become a renunciate, had vanished. He wrapped off the last of his family matters before retiring to Nepal’s woods.

He insisted on keeping alone, living in a tiny wooden hut and visiting just a few real searchers, despite being renowned as a holy man who was equally at comfortable with Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam (a feat made simpler by Hindu notions about the nature of religion). Those who saw him reported feeling a sense of inner serenity and awareness, and one visitor said that he was even amicable with the forest’s ferocious creatures.

At the Age of 135 years

In Easter 1961, J. G. Bennett, a disciple of George Gurdjieff who later promoted the Subud mission, met the Shivapuri Baba and found him alert, quick, and graceful, with a phenomenal memory and an inspiring spiritual presence, at the age of 135 years.

His ability to transmit spiritual truth in just a few works in the dialect of his questioners was one of the most impressive aspects of his teaching. To S. Radhakrishnan, a prominent philosopher and former president of India, he expressed his teaching in three words, and Radhakrishnan then expanded for 15 minutes on the topic of these three sentences.

Shivapuri Baba Death

On January 28, 1963, Shivapuri Baba died. His last statement was as follows: “Worship God by living a righteous life. That is all there is to it. There’s nothing else.” He drank some water before saying “Gaya” (I’m gone), lying down on his right side, and passing away.

Shivapuri Baba Quotes

Shivapuri Baba Quotes

Shivapuri Baba was undoubtedly one of the rarest flowerings, especially in India, where so many fools claim to be mahatmas. Finding a guy like Shivapuri Baba in India takes either a lot of luck or a lot of investigation. In India, there are 500,000 mahatmas, according to official figures. It’s almost hard to spot a genuine guy amid this throng.

~ Osho Quotes

In the absence of divine awareness, man’s whole existence is a type of dream. All the opposing pairings of good and bad, and so on, seem to exist only in this dream.

  • Spend as much time as possible in Divine love.
  • Meditate on him, in the starting with form and try to go beyond shape.
  • If you continue to occupy your time by meditating on God, God will appear in an instant.
  • All of your problems will be answered, and there will be no need for rebirth in this world if you see God or Truth.
  • The soul will not depart this gross body instantly after God awareness.
  • It remains in the body for as long as prarabdha is cherished.
  • Prarabdha is the sum total of your previous lives’ actions. There will be no rebirth if the balance is not reestablished.


Duty, morality, and worship were all part of his teachings on how to live a good life. The entire aim of human existence was to discover the Ultimate Truth, or God, and this necessitated the establishment of a specific code of conduct—a spiritual, moral, and intellectual order.

Osho on Shivapuri Baba

Every scientist, even the most brilliant ones, has been shown to be ignorant in numerous ways that are not related to their particular specialty. They act like immature children.

Bennett was of a certain status as a scientist and mathematician, yet he failed, and he missed the point. He once again began on his search for a new master. And it’s not even like he stayed with Shivapuri the whole time…. When Bennett first saw Shivapuri Baba, he was a very elderly guy. He was close to reaching the age of one hundred and ten.

He truly did have the strength of steel. He clocked in at approximately 150 years of life on our planet. Even though he was one hundred and fifty years old and seven feet tall, there was still no indication that he was going to pass away any time soon. He made the option on his own to depart from the body; it was his choice. Shivapuri was a man of silence; he did not provide instruction.

A guy in particular who was familiar with Gurdjieff and the immense wisdom that he imparted would find his time spent with Shivapuri Baba to be somewhat mundane. Bennett finished writing his book, and then he went back to looking for a teacher. Shivapuri Baba had not yet passed away at this point.

Then, while in Indonesia, Bennett met Mohammed Subud, the man who would later become the founder of the Subud movement. Sushil Buddha-Dharma can be shortened to Subud, which is simply the first letter of each of these three words. Subud is a form of Buddhism. What a ridiculous idea! Bennett began by presenting Mohammed Subud, who was a very capable individual but not a master… nothing even comes close to comparing to Shivapuri Baba, and there is no doubt about Gurdjieff.

Bennett is credited with bringing Mohammed Subud to the West and initiating the process of establishing him as Gurdjieff’s successor. This is complete and total insanity! However, Bennett has a beautiful, mathematical, and logical style of writing. Shivapuri Baba is considered to be his finest work.

Although Bennett was an idiot, even if you let a monkey sit at a typewriter every once in a while, the monkey may stumble upon something beautiful – perhaps a statement that only a Buddha could make – simply by knocking the typewriter keys here and there. This is true even if you allow the monkey to do so.

However, he is not going to comprehend what he has written. The first book is authored by Bennett, who is English and a model of what an Englishman should be. This book tells the story of Shivapuri Baba, a mystic from India who is almost unknown. The only way for the rest of the world to learn about him is via Bennett’s book.

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