Covert Risk (PDF/ePUB) By Jane Blythe Read Online For Free

Covert Risk (PDF/ePUB) By Jane Blythe Read Online For Free.

Covert Risk PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Covert Risk
Author:Jane Blythe
SeriesPrey Security: Alpha Team #5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.15 MB
ePub Size255 KB
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Because of her unanticipated pregnancy, she is now a target for the terrorist.

Lila Angeletti struggled mightily to break out from her family and forge a new existence for herself. She’s spent years guarding her heart, only to let a man in, only to have him abruptly end things. Then she learns that she is pregnant with his child. She tracks down the father to tell him she’s going to raise their child on her own if he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Adventist “Surf” Although it broke Bailey’s heart to leave Lila behind, it was the only option he saw for protecting her. Everything changes after he finds out she’s pregnant. To regain her trust and keep his family safe, he’ll do everything.

He and the woman he loves are in danger in the Swiss woods because the threat to his team has joined forces with someone from Lila’s past.

Beginning of the Plot

Believers in Christ who “Surf” Bailey, a former member of Prey Security’s Alpha Team, must decide whether to murder Lila or break her heart. He’d been on a sex binge and was in desperate need of an orgasmic high to help him deal with his internal anguish. Lila’s pleasant grin and willingness to converse after she rescued him came as a pleasant surprise. When he walks inside her flat, he knows it’s over between them and it hits him hard. Although Lila offers to prepare him lunch, he ends up delivering it himself.

Lila was the kind of lady that detective Surf found attractive since she was confident in her own skin and paid close attention to her environment. He was on his way out after having sex with a lady he had forgotten about when they happened to cross paths. Lila had a tough shift and was feeling quite compassionate towards her coworkers and some strangers. Since meeting her, he had not had intercourse with any other women, despite his desire to get to know them better.

Lila was devastated by Surf’s decision to cut off communication with her. He assured her he wouldn’t be contacting and that he didn’t want to talk to or see her again. Lila walked resolutely to the door, where she waited for him to go. He stopped at the door and gave her a quick kiss before departing, leaving Lila’s flat with a broken heart.

After Christian “Surf” Bailey breaks her heart, Lila Angeletti, a 30-year-old single woman, experiences a cycle of vomiting and denial. She had been happy with her life, with a profession that she enjoyed and supportive friends. However, she is now experiencing feelings of isolation, fear, anger, and pain. When considering her rigorous profession and her role as a single mother, she wonders whether she will be able to cope. She is worried that Christian may try to remove the baby from her because of their financial circumstances. Lila wonders whether she is indeed pregnant and whether or not she will be able to care for the child on her own. She feels nauseous and upset after doing pregnancy tests. Even if it costs her child’s life, she is determined to cope with the issue and make it work. The fact that she is scared of losing her baby shows how much she wants this to succeed.

Even though she is lonely and pregnant, Lila treats it as a formality. She’s expecting a child and she and the father are much in love. She is having difficulty finding joy and love since life is not what she had imagined. The doctor reassures her that they’ll be OK since they’re both excited about being parents.

About The Author Jane Blythe

USA Today best-selling author Jane Blythe writes romantic suspense and military romance featuring brilliant characters and courageous heroines. She enjoys reading, cooking, going to the beach, making snowmen, and watching Disney movies when she’s not busy weaving furiously to solve mysteries. She loves to travel, owns over 200 teddy bears, is a Christmas fanatic, and is the proud owner of two lovely Dalmatians.

Covert Risk Book Summary

What a heart-wrenching read. Surf had no idea Lila was coming, and once she did, she stuck under his skin. Despite his feelings for her, he had to put some distance between them and break up with her because of the imminent risk to himself and his crew. Surf would risk hurting Lila if it meant keeping her safe. Surf had no idea that Lila, who needed him more than ever, also harboured a secret that could alter the course of their lives together. Lila’s history is something anyone should have to go through, but she did, and she got out and established a life for herself away from the spotlight, and she’s been keeping it close to the vest and hasn’t discussed it with anyone until now. Surf, too, has secrets from his past that he has yet to reveal to Lila. These two protagonists go through hell in this novel. Theirs is an exciting and dramatic tale full of twists and turns. Lila is incredibly courageous and strong, and Surf is dogged in his pursuit of the woman he loves. I finished it in one sitting and am eagerly anticipating Brick’s tale.

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