She Was Made for Me (PDF/ePUB) By Jen Morris Read Online

She Was Made for Me (PDF/ePUB) By Jen Morris Read Online for free.

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Book Name:She Was Made for Me
Author:Jen Morris
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If I’d lied to my parents about my employment, it was only because I wanted to see them beam with pride. I feel like I’m in over my head when my father asks me to oversee the refurbishment of a townhouse he owns in New York.

However, the true test comes in the form of Kyle, the foreman, who is eighteen years older than me and is close friends with my dad. Even though we disagree on everything else, there is undeniable chemistry between us that he refuses to acknowledge.


I had no intention of going back to New York until my oldest friend asked me to oversee a restoration project and keep an eye on his independent daughter.

Keeping an eye on her and pushing her away is a piece of cake. She’s stunning, diligent, and really irritating. I wish I had the strength to throw her across my knee and teach her a lesson every time she challenges me. I try to fight it, but Violet is adamant that we belong together. True, that’s the case.

I know she’s my best friend’s kid, yet I feel like fate brought us together.

The plot of She Was Made for Me consists of the following:
Workplace scenario (project manager and foreman); beautiful Brooklyn townhouse restoration; anxiety rep; age difference; dominant, dirty-talking hero with a kind heart; strong, feisty heroine; praise kink;

This book is a smouldering, open-door romance written from two first-person perspectives. There is some mild BDSM (spanking) and profanity as well as on-page sex. There’s also an age difference of 18 years between the protagonist and hero (she’s 25 and he’s 43). The target audience is adults above the age of 18.

About The Author Jen Morris

Jen Morris’s escapism romances are full of fire, laughter, and love. She thinks that a good time, a new book, or a trip to New York City can solve just about any problem.

Her novels centre on strong female protagonists who pursue their goals while finding love in urban settings. Her protagonists discover more than romance; they discover who they truly are as well.

Jen, her partner, and their son all make their home in New Zealand in a mobile tiny house. Her days are filled with writing, daydreams of New York City, and the challenge of finding new homes for her ever-expanding book collection.

She Was Made for Me Book Summary

I can’t help but fantasise about how stunning you’ll look when you arrive.

This novel was so hot it hurts. If you’re familiar with this author’s work, you should know that SHE WAS MADE FOR ME marks the beginning of a new, sizzling phase in her career. There is still the New York City backdrop, the strong female protagonist, and the enlightened hero that readers have come to expect from Jen Morris, but this time there is also crazy dirty banter, a praise kink, and bedroom spanking.

Moreover, SHE WAS MADE FOR ME satisfied my penchant for happy endings while also providing a positive portrayal of therapy. The humour of the previous series was missing from this one, but fans of steamier and kinkier Forbidden Romance will enjoy it.

Let me be honest: I have a hard time getting over relationships with a substantial age difference. To me, it sounds creepy, but that’s just me being sensitive. However, SHE WAS MADE FOR ME made me rethink that. It’s impossible to imagine Kyle being weird or predatory. I loved him so much! Because he is a morally excellent person, he is doing everything he can to resist this urge. He’s a wonderful contrast to Violet since he encourages her to choose her health and happiness over her work even when they’re at odds.

And I just adored Violet because she is a badass while still being personable, fierce, and hardworking. No matter the age difference, these two are meant to be together.

Because I didn’t feel like there was enough development between them in the first half of the book, I docked a star. There’s definitely energy between them, but I wanted to see them bond emotionally first before they got physical.

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