You Deserve Each Other (PDF/ePUB) By Sarah Hogle Read Online

You Deserve Each Other (PDF/ePUB) By Sarah Hogle Read Online for free.

You Deserve Each Other Information

Book Name:You Deserve Each Other
Author:Sarah Hogle
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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The difficulties of falling in love after learning that your fiance is secretly your enemy are at the heart of this first-rate romantic comedy.

Naomi Westfield is engaged to the ideal man in Nicholas Rose. He is courteous and thoughtful, always opens doors for her, and never forgets her order at a restaurant. Conflict between them is nonexistent. They have three months to plan for their extravagant wedding. And she’s weary of him to the point of miserable despair.

Naomi wants out of the engagement, but there’s a catch: whomever calls it off will have to pay the nonrefundable wedding bill. When Naomi finds out that Nicholas is also pretending to be happy, the two of them engage in a vicious war of words and deeds designed to drive a wedge between them.

But as the day of the wedding, which may or may not happen, draws near, Naomi’s determination begins to waver. Since they have nothing left to lose, they are able to relax and enjoy themselves with the last people they would expect: one another.

About The Author Sarah Hogle

Sarah Hogle is a mother of three from southern Ohio who, in her spare time, likes to concoct elaborate hoaxes and fantasises about one day owning her very own haunted castle. You Definitely Need Each Other is her work.

You Deserve Each Other Book Summary

At first, I was worried and annoyed by the misunderstandings since I couldn’t relate to the characters. They were both immature jerks, but their jokes made up for it. At first, I had no idea if the book I was reading was the same one everyone was raving about.

But the further I read, the more I fell in love with Naomi and Nicholas’ experiences; it was a true lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers story! They get insight into how to work together effectively, why it’s counterproductive to place blame on one another, and how to introspectively identify their own contributions to any tensions in their relationships. It’s a terrific read that teaches a lot about the dangers of acting too quickly in a relationship and of letting outside factors and miscommunication come between you and your partner.

PLUS Thank you so much, Sarah Hogle, for the perfect title drop.

As an aside, I would have enjoyed reading the story from Nicholas’s point of view as well if it had been included.

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