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On the Defense (PDF/ePUB) By Piper Rayne Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:On the Defense
Author:Piper Rayne
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Miles Cavanaugh, a new member of the Chicago Grizzlies, will be sharing an apartment in “The Den,” a renowned four-flat in the city.

The Den is notorious for its high turnover rate of female patrons, but the three bachelors are beginning to notice a shift in the atmosphere as the new season begins.

Take a look at the first chapter of Piper Rayne’s Chicago Grizzlies football romance series.

About The Author Piper Rayne

The writing partnership known as Piper Rayne has seen a great deal of success in the United States. We strive to publish books that have “Heartwarming Humour With a Side of Sizzle” (yeah, you guessed it, that’s our tagline), and our purpose is to fulfil that tagline. In a nutshell, we are… Our Kindles are loaded with quick reading content that can be accessed at any time. The fact that both of our husbands are alcoholics is the primary reason for our heavy drinking. Both of us take turns driving the carpool for our family. We sincerely hope that you have the same admiration that we have for crazy heroines and handsome heroes that keep us delighted.

Beginning of the Plot

Peepers Alley is a classic Chicago three-flat pub located in the centre of the north side, and the narrator’s Uber driver drives him there. The pub is different from the other upscale establishments on the block. Damon Siska, the narrator’s college roommate and a close friend, is responsible for his being able to move into the coveted apartment complex he now occupies with Grizzlies quarterback Cooper Rice. The three-flat is set up such that each person gets their own floor.

Compared to other bars I passed on the way here, this one is quite empty. Men of a certain age cluster on the bar stools, although many of the tables are unoccupied. At the conclusion, a lady tends bar is having an argument with a guy about the new Colts shortstop, Easton Bailey, whom they acquired in a trade. The men in the bar seem to be the dedicated type who would use the pronoun “us” to talk about their favourite sports teams. Some people, seeing someone in a throwback jersey, automatically think they are devoted supporters.

The bar’s proprietor, Rubes, introduces himself and asks the narrator what kind of beer they like. Ruby glances at him and informs the narrator that he is not one of those girlie seltzer drinkers, even if the narrator doesn’t drink beer. Siska chuckles, seeing that the storyteller is not a heavy drinker. She offers the narrator a water bottle and a drink at the pub.

Siska whispers in her ear that she’s doing OK, but that Cooper is in the next room. He’ll finally get to meet his closest buddy, Cooper.

The protagonist is in a room with Cooper Rice when they encounter a blonde lady called Elle who appears like the kind of person Cooper would like. Miles, our protagonist, is on the fence about dating her since he seldom sees her since being sold. They talk about the Colts season from their vantage point above the stadium. Miles is excited for the squad’s first practise tomorrow, but he is concerned that he may be traded after just a year with the team. In professional football, he is irreplaceable; thus, he has high expectations for this season.

The heroine and her buddy, Siska, have a routine of climbing the stairs in the building’s back alley. Even if they find the notion hilarious, the protagonist is happy to be here with Siska, another single person. They decide to look at Chicago as a fresh slate and a chance to meet the lady of their dreams this season. The main character isn’t easily replaced and has to work very hard to reach where they are.

On the Defense Book Summary

My anticipation for the Chicago Grizzlies is through the roof thanks to this sequel. Piper Rayne gives us a taste of the swoony, spicy, emotionally satisfying sweetness to come in the series. You get a glimpse of the prospective pairings, and I’m willing to bet that this will be another fantastic sports romance series by the talented duo.

In the world of the Kingsmen, I have already met Miles and Bryce. The football player and the sports journalist have been in the same city again after having a long-running “hate-attraction-hate” relationship. Miles wants Bryce to stop writing negative reports about him so he can prove he is a valuable member of his new team. Cooper and Ellery make an appearance, too. As pals, they both secretly like each other. We meet Grizzlies’ playboy NFL player Damon Siska, and I get the impression that someone is about to put him to his knees. And there’s a certain Bailey that comes up…That nugget requires me to consult my notebook once again.

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