Ruthless Temptation (PDF/ePUB) By Juliette N. Banks Read Online

Ruthless Temptation (PDF/ePUB) By Juliette N. Banks Read Online for free.

Ruthless Temptation Information

Book Name:Ruthless Temptation
Author:Juliette N. Banks
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In the final volume of the Dufort Dynasty series, we meet Aidan Dufort, a rich playboy who meets a spunky heroine who tempts him to change his ways.

And maybe even earn his love.

About The Author Juliette N. Banks

Author of both current (mafia and billionaire) and paranormal romances, Juliette N. Banks has swept the genre by storm.

Grab one of Juliette’s free books if you’re searching for steamy reads with alpha males you can fall in love with.

Juliette is a seasoned professional with a plethora of knowledge in consumer marketing and has previously had work published by Random House. Even though she does a lot of travelling, she and Tilly, her Maine Coon cat, have settled down in New Zealand for the time being.

Ruthless Temptation Book Summary

As a single man, Aidan is looking forward to spending a week in Hawaii for Logan and Emma’s wedding. Since they were all going in the same direction, his cousin Daniel had given him a seat on the Dufort plane while he was in New York City. Aidan was looking forward to spending time with his cousins, Harper and Kristen, and getting away from the chilly weather. At their grandmother’s funeral, they saw the Dufort brothers for the first time in over two decades.

Aidan and Daniel were the top guys, and they’d just forged a close relationship with Emma and Harper. Aidan and Daniel were the best men at many recent weddings in their extended family. Since Logan’s previous marriage had ended badly, Aidan was happy to see him get married again. Aidan was certain that he and Emma would have a long and happy life together despite the fact that Emma was no Zoe.

Aidan had plans for the tiny bridesmaid he had met at Logan and Emma’s engagement party in Philadelphia three months ago, and the next week in Hawaii would be full of wedding and celebration activities. Although arrogant, he was looking forward to seeing Lily again and doing whatever he pleased sexually. It made him hard as nails to consider how many times Lily had reached for a way to release the tension he’d generated in their brief physical contact.

Aidan worries about his brother’s marital situation as he listens to Harper and Daniel talk about Hunter’s plans for the week. Aidan emphasises that he has no say in whether or not Hunter gets married and that the time will come for the proposal whenever that may be. Aidan laughs off Daniel’s advice that they back off of harassing Hunter. Aidan disregards the ladies Kristen and Harper advise as potential matches since they are not likely to be his type.

He’s a powerful guy, and his sex club submissives are professional ladies looking to relax and let someone else take the reins for once. Despite Emma and his brother’s warnings, Aidan is attracted to Lily, whom he meets during Logan’s engagement party. This week he aims to rape her before he has another chance to taste his tiny peach.

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