Scandalous (PDF/ePUB) By L.J. Shen Read Online For Free

Scandalous (PDF/ePUB) By L.J. Shen Download and Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Scandalous
Author:L.J. Shen
SeriesSinners of Saint #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.78 MB
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He has earned the nickname “The Mute” with good reason.
He is reserved and rarely breaks the ice.
He does so with scorn when he does.
When he does, he isn’t addressing me personally.
If he does, my stomach will flip and the universe will spin out of control.
He’s 33 years old now.
My age is 18 now.
My dad’s business partner and sole parent.
To him and his enemy’s daughter, I’m just a kid.
He has no capacity for empathy.
And I am experiencing feelings right now. Experiencing emotions I know I shouldn’t have for him.
My heart will be shattered by Trent Rexroth. The message has been permanently inscribed on my heart.
I try to avoid it, but I just can’t seem to do it.
My family doesn’t need a scandal. However, we intend to give them a scandal.
And, oh, what glorious anarchy!


A guy in need of money from the well-to-do is depicted in the poem as hiding out on the seafront of Todos Santos on a May day. He’s a robber who picks on the rich, including Gucci-carrying ladies and suit-wearing guys, since they represent the ideals of his upbringing. Unbeknownst to him, the lady has plans to use her wealth to win his heart. He makes an attempt to grab the woman’s pocketbook, but she is too dominant and preoccupied to notice. The guy is running about frantically touching his wallet as if he were completely blind. He’d rather not hear the females laughing on the promenade than face the repercussions of not having the money. Even while he loves the rush of excitement and endorphins, he despises robbing others.

Trent Rexroth, the protagonist’s father, is involved in a relationship with the main character, a young lady. She is an affluent, unmarried lady who plans to mug her affluent, suburban mother. Trent has the appearance and demeanour of a gloomy knight. The protagonist is reluctant to get involved since she doesn’t know what will happen if she does. Jordan Van Der Zed, Trent’s mother, poses a danger to him since he controls 49.9 percent of Fiscal Heights Holdings, a corporation he founded with his high school pals. The protagonist is worried that Trent would murder her if he finds out she touched him since her father is in business with him. The protagonist’s actions demonstrate the perils of trusting on chance and venturing into the unknown.

High school student Edie Van Der Zed makes fun of Trent Rexroth, a wealthy businessman who is almost twice her age. Trent is a stunning, conceited jerk who wears a vintage Rolex. Despite Edie’s initial astonishment and apprehension, Trent’s interest in her has led him to give her an opportunity to become wealthy like himself. Trent is anxious that she maintain a tight rein on her dad, but Edie isn’t convinced. Trent walks her to her vehicle and warns her not to go through anyone’s wallets or purses. After being given a Snickers bar and feeling very unsettled, Edie drives away. This event alters the course of her life forever, as she decides to permanently remove Trent Rexroth from her good graces. Under the proper arms, she realises, she can feel herself coming back to life, but they are also incorrect.

About The Author L.J. Shen

L.J. Shen is the best-selling author of modern romance novels, with books featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

She is the author of tales full of angst, with protagonists as unredeemable as Elon Musk and heroines so sassy that they bring their heroes to their knees (in more ways than one).

Happily ever afters and apologies are assured.

She has a husband, three sons, and a very active imagination, all of whom she keeps company in Florida.

Scandalous Book Summary

It’s the Return of the Hot Spots!! Reading about my favourite men from the Sinners of Saint Series has been a highlight of my reading experience. It would be a lie to say I waited patiently for Trent to finish his tale. I have been nervously tapping my foot and refreshing the page over and over again… My kindle didn’t have Scandalous till it was released.

Trent-the-mute had quite the tale to tell. Trent does not inherit his wealth like the rest of the Hot-Holes; he has worked hard for every penny. Working long hours to provide for his adorable kid while living in the utopian town of Todos Santos.

Edie was born into a wealthy family, if you can call them that.Even at $5 a bottle, coconut water is a no-brainer. However, Edie has gone missing.lost in the midst of taking care of everyone all the time. If she doesn’t go to college, her father insists, she has to start working at his company. She is well aware that her father is only making her do this because he hopes to gain some benefit from it.

Let’s pop some corn and watch a movie, youngsters. These two are going to put on the best show in town.

The moment Trent laid eyes on Edie, he knew everything in his life was about to change drastically. It wasn’t in the plan to develop feelings for the daughter of his business partner. In contrast, Trent’s actions in this scenario were all predetermined. He has learned from his past mistakes.

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