Nocticadia (PDF/ePUB) By Keri Lake Read Online For Free

Nocticadia (PDF/ePUB) By Keri Lake Download and Read Online For Free.

Nocticadia ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:Nocticadia
Author:Keri Lake
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:6.66 MB
ePub Size6.12 MB
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The story has a brooding atmosphere and is about a forbidden love that could kill.

Docenti mortui vivi.
Relating lessons from the afterlife to the living.

As I saw my mother pass away from an unknown illness, I made two vows to myself. To whatever ailed her, I would seek out a remedy. And get the hell out of this cursed city where she dumped me.

After waiting for four years, I finally hear back from Dracadia University, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious institutions. Located on a remote island off the Maine coast, the place has a reputation for being haunted by the spirits of the insane people who were sent there centuries ago. Those whose remains legend has it form the island’s pristine beaches.

Even the city’s restless dead aren’t the scariest thing about it.

Devryck Bramwell, also known as “Doctor Death” on school, is in charge of the midnight lab and is a skilled pathologist. He’s my professor, and despite his good looks, he appears to have it in for hard-working freshmen like me. His stealthy kisses sear my lips with forbidden jealousy, and his dark, mysterious stare reveals all the ways he would devour me if given the chance.

I long to be under his sway.
He’s desperate to make amends.
We are a poison to each other. Meat and potatoes for the curious minds intent on unearthing our rotting bones.

Because the dead have so much wisdom to impart, Dracadia’s darkest secret will eventually be revealed once more.

Notification is a standalone Gothic horror novel set in a university setting.

About The Author Keri Lake

Dark romance author Keri Lake is a USA Today bestseller. Her stories often involve demons, retribution, and sinister plot twists. Her tales are dark, with protagonists who straddle the edge between good and evil and the strong women who bring them to their knees. She loves spending time with her husband, daughters, and defiant Labrador (who doesn’t retrieve a damn thing) when she’s not writing stories. She needs her caffeine and alternative music fix, can’t get enough red wine, and enjoys the occasional

Nocticadia Book Summary

My heart overflows with gratitude for the chance to read an advanced copy of Nocticadia; when I found out that Keri Lake was penning it, I nearly jumped for joy. Keri’s ability to draw the reader in is one of the reasons I enjoy her work so much. When I read something by her, I find that I am completely immersed in the universe she has created for me.

The chills I got from reading the prologue were really appreciated. I knew we were in for a spooky and bloody journey. To my surprise, the “horror” aspects of the story rapidly faded away. Although I would have liked the horror themes to be more prominent throughout the novel, it is Keri’s book and she has every right to set the level of tension she sees fit.

I like the inclusion of realistic scientific details. Because of how fascinating and engaging they were, I didn’t even care about the romantic tension between the two main characters. Because of my intense interest in the academic aspects of the story, I sometimes felt that the Romance portions didn’t quite mesh with the rest of what was going on. And the way it progressed was distracting for me.

In my opinion, the novel would have fared better if it had been written as a duet. That the story’s pacing veered erratically from sluggish to quick in terms of both spice and relationship development. In addition, I think the book would have benefited from being written as a Duet, which would have allowed for a more consistent slow tempo as the plot unfolded, particularly in the last act. The pace and pacing in the last twenty pages or so felt a touch rushed to me.

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