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Scandalous Games (PDF/ePUB) By Simran Download and Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Scandalous Games
Author:Simran .
SeriesArranged Games #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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He claims that I am his downfall, but he failed to mention that he was mine first.


Every little girl fantasises about her fairytale wedding. Not at all.
Absolutely not!
I put my broken heart in a cage and locked it seven years ago.
Until recently, there were no issues.
As the eldest daughter, I am expected to get married first, but at the age of twenty-five, I have no interest in finding Mr. Right.
The bombshell that my younger sister wants to be married forces me to decide between her future and my independence.
Until I meet Dash Stern, who is also a victim of fate.
The broken-hearted young man to whom I lost my virginity when I was eighteen.
One of my ex’s older stepbrothers.
And don’t forget my future phoney husband.


A marriage is a man’s worst nightmare.
Turn it become a phoney one…. That’s like waving a red flag in the face of impending doom.
Even if she’s the woman I’ve always wanted to be with secretly.
An Indian actress named Bianca Chopra.
Gorgeous. Forbidden. My fixation in the past.
When she proposes a fake marriage to me, I politely decline and tell her to back off.
She ups the ante like a shady vixen, stirring up all those forbidden emotions again, and I find myself throwing caution to the wind.
She believes she may escape unhurt, but in reality she has struck a bargain with a monstrosity and is now in possession of a secret that will destroy everything she holds dear.

Take note: Scandalous Games is a sultry, modern-day romance with a phoney couple. There’s a morally ambiguous antihero and a sweet but sassy heroine who was once his obsession. The first book in a planned series. For mature audiences only.

About The Author Simran .

Author of racy, illicit love stories.

Scandalous Games Book Summary

You are a queen, Simran. Despite being the same age as me, you’ve produced a fantastic book.

This novel spoke to me because I am currently dodging my own Seema Aunty (Singaporean Version) and turning off planned marriage proposals. You want your parents to be progressive and accepting, and you want to find your own happily ever after, not some stranger you meet on your wedding day.

I appreciated that it spoke to my background and gave me faith that true love does exist. Bianca eventually stood up for herself to her parents, and I appreciated that she took responsibility for her emotions and thoughts as the story progressed. Dash was genuine and deserving of a fantasy, illustrating that charm and intelligence are equally as important as appearance. For me, Dash was the epitome of an emotionally available man.

The book was overly long, which is the only criticism I have of it. It seems to me that some of the slower passages could have been cut down. I wanted to skip through to the third act where my heart would be broken as quickly as possible. There were no chinks in the armour of the story or unanswered questions. Every question was resolved.

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