Return to Monte Carlo (PDF/ePUB) By Cate C. Wells Read Online

Return to Monte Carlo (PDF/ePUB) By Cate C. Wells Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Return to Monte Carlo
Author:Cate C. Wells
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wife runs away, unexpected baby arrives, and there’s a dark secret.


It was one in a million that Marco de Noli would fall for a girl like me.

He’s the ultimate lord of the universe, with old money and the typical European jet set.

I was a quiet Oklahoma lady who was attractive enough but much out of his league when we first met.

After he ditches me on our first anniversary a year ago, I was forced to confront reality. We should never have been married. My in-laws consider me a gold digger, Marco never leaves the office, and we need more than just passionate nights together. I have no ties to remain in Monte Carlo.

But I always seem to end up taking the de Noli heir with me when I bolt.—

Or perhaps our love wasn’t what I had assumed it to be.

About The Author Cate C. Wells

Cate C. Wells is a prolific author who has dabbled in genres as diverse as motorbike club, mafia, small town, and paranormal romance. No matter the genre, you can count on character-driven narratives that hit you where it hurts. As a reader and a person, Cate enjoys stories with a happy ending that include love, imperfections, and a long path to redemption as well as grace and acceptance.

She has not only amassed an impressive story collection, but also a spouse and a brood of children. When she is not travelling with her family, she resides in Baltimore.

Return to Monte Carlo Book Summary

I was beginning to worry that Cate C. Wells had lost her touch, but this is easily her best work in a long time. It’s her spin on a classic Harlequin romance, and I was surprised by how spicy/kinkiest it got, given that the originals tend to be really bland.

This is a return to harlequin romances of the 1980s and 1990s, but with more grovel, more spice, and slightly more modern sensibilities in its treatment of relationship and gender issues. It has elements typical of books in the genre: Marco de Noli, 32, is a heartless businessman with no feelings. Diane, his wife of 20 years, often feels neglected. She was a 19-year-old virgin from Oklahoma when they met. He took her in with his family and whisked her away to Monte Carlo, but in the year that they’ve been married, he’s been busy with work and hasn’t checked in on how she’s coping to life as a society wife. He also refuses to believe that anyone in his family is cruel to her.

I’m not an expert on Harlequin romances from the ’80s and ’90s, but I do know the basics of the genre. I think it would be more fun if you already knew what to expect from this genre.

In the beginning, there is a lot of tension when Diane leaves him after realising their marriage was a mistake, but he seems unconcerned. When he learns that she is pregnant, he decides to take her back. This writer excels at delivering first-chapter gut-punch anguish moments. However, the angst in some of her other stories isn’t sustained and the endings are too saccharine. Never in a million years! It has, for the most part, been maintained in a satisfactory manner.

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There’s a little CNC in this book, too. Since the story takes place in the 1980s, Diana and Marco won’t be able to Google the situation and find out that they aren’t alone. Thus, they are slightly disturbed by their own sexual orientation. Their relationship and the plot itself include their struggle with this issue. At first, I was relieved to find kink here; later, though, I found myself wondering why it appeared in a Harlequin novel of this author’s rather than one of her MC, werewolf, or mafia novels. The “betraying body syndrome,” in which the heroine is angry with the hero but keeps falling into bed with him, is a common trope in stories of this type.

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