Brooklyn Cupid (PDF/ePUB) By Lexi Ray Read Online For Free

Brooklyn Cupid (PDF/ePUB) By Lexi Ray Read Online For Free.

Brooklyn Cupid ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:Brooklyn Cupid
Author:Lexi Ray
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.36 MB
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He is getting ready to aim his gun at the woman of his fantasies…
Despite the obvious risks of his line of work, Jace Reed is a law-abiding professional bounty hunter who has never been caught breaking the law. Avoiding the development of any sympathies for the adversary is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

However, all goes wrong when the “it girl” of Brooklyn interrupts him when he is working on the assignment that is the most important to him.

Jace has been following this person for months, and the lovely Lucy Moor may or may not be the sole clue. So it should be simple to become her flatmate and extract the information you need from her, right?

In the near future, she will alter his entire existence…
When Jace’s orderly, straightforward lifestyle collides with her own, nothing goes smoothly.

What’s his number one rule? Damaged immediately upon his arrival.

The extent of his self-control? Disappeared after kissing her.

Is he insane? His heart breaks when he learns her secret.

His new flatmate turns out to be less naive and nice than he first thought. And her technique is full of heat!

Jace was never in a romantic relationship. But now that he’s fallen so quickly and deeply, he plans to hold on to it at any costs.

Had he not taken the peril of his work to her front door, she could still be alive.

With a golden retriever hero who enjoys reading hot romance and a happy ending, Brooklyn Cupid is a slow-burning standalone romance.

Beginning of the Plot

The protagonist works as a bounty hunter for Roey in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Dumbo. He is now working on his highest-paying assignment to yet, and he is looking forward to sedating the crypto-currency guru Anatolyi Reznik.

As the protagonist adjusts his scope, a yellow taxi covers his view and he hears people near the cab, including the too enthusiastic voice of a woman. Reznik is left behind as the taxi drives away. The main character overhears a female voice, giddy with excitement, near the taxi. The protagonist then encounters a blonde, a young female who interrupts Reznik as he is talking to her. She thinks it’s someone he knows, and this is the most challenging task Roey’s given him in the last year.

Instead of risking a bare-handed grab for Reznik, they decided to sedate him with a dart. Blondie and Reznik both turn to the left as a lone white dog approaches, startling them with a loud yelp. The girl squats down, and Reznik is almost on top of her. The protagonist claims to have a clean shot and that the girl can be dealt with thereafter.

The protagonist spent four years abroad doing this while other boys his age attended university, dated, and went out on the town. The blonde is shot because the protagonist is distracted by the female. When the girl falls, Reznik stops to ask her something before vanishing faster than the speed of light. The main character swears, “Roey, I shot the girl!” but they are afraid to pursue him in case he injects them with poison.

The protagonist cannot believe that he and his companions lost out on a chance to make off with five million dollars. Almost immediately after taking the sedative, the girl is drooping against the brick wall.

The protagonist works for Roey in the New York City neighbourhood of Dumbo, and he is looking forward to sedating Anatolyi Reznik.

Brooklyn Cupid Book Summary

Prepublication Critique of Lexi Ray’s Brooklyn Cupid
The mission’s phoney flatmate falls in love with the attractive target, which is the best possible outcome.

The task for the reward was expected to be simple and fast. It only took one shot to end it, but a timely bark and a second shot altered that outcome.
So now Jace has to play the role of the glasses-wearing salesman with military experience? It’s possible that he could make it happen. What he didn’t anticipate was the gradual and alluring immersion he’d experience in Lucy over the course of the relationship.
She’s an artist who really cares about her work and wants it to have an impact. She has no idea that her new attractive flatmate is keeping a close eye on her, either because she is his intended victim or because she is the object of his desires.
When things become too serious or the truth emerges, what then?

Was really enthralled. A sinister undercurrent to something light , fluffy and humorous. Complete with an eye patch wearing pitty, breathtaking and sensual artworks, a friendly competition between pals to win Jace’s attention, and a huge plot surprise. Plus, it was hilarious and racy when Jace uncovered Lu’s clever secret.
I really appreciated that the author included English translations.

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