Collide (PDF/ePUB) By Bal Khabra Read Online For Free

Collide (PDF/ePUB) By Bal Khabra Download Read Online For Free.

Collide Bal Khabra ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:Collide
Author:Bal Khabra
SeriesOff the Ice #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.79 MB
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Summer Preston’s surprise run-in with hockey captain Aiden Crawford was precipitated by an ultimatum from her professor. She must choose between pursuing her dream of becoming a sport psychologist and running away from this horrible activity.

Aiden Crawford enjoys the benefits of leading his college hockey team, but he becomes concerned when a careless error threatens to derail his club’s entire season. As a result, his trainer suggests using him as the focus of a study. He has no interest in helping with the project, especially since the girl in charge appears to be able to use his skates as a weapon.

Summer can’t stand his carefree attitude, while Aiden can’t wrap his head around Summer’s hyper-scheduled lifestyle. They’re off to a bad start, and baiting each other is what they do best. However, none of them is willing to give up and admit defeat just yet.

Beginning of the Plot

I’ve been working with Dr. Laura Langston, Ph.D., as my graduate school adviser at Dalton University for the last year. She’s a role model with a doctorate in sports psychology and a tonne of articles under her belt. However, when necessary, she may be condescending, dismissive, and deliberately difficult. I decided to work with her because of her track record of getting students accepted into Dalton’s master’s programme, the best in all of North America. She’s also in charge of selecting students for our cohort’s co-op programme, which gives one lucky individual the opportunity to intern with Team USA. I’m trying to maintain my cool as she tells me this is my final opportunity to make a good impression with my application.

Dalton University student Summer must decide whether to focus on hockey or pursue other athletic opportunities. She risks having her position eliminated if she submits anything else to Dr. Langston, her lecturer. A “fuck you” from her lecturer has left Summer feeling insulted and betrayed. But she is certain that she will either accept her application or lose her position.

Summer has doubts about accepting this ultimatum since she feels she has already passed the challenging advisor’s test and hence has overstated her abilities. The fact that Coach Walker would let her work with one of his players is also mentioned. After Dr. Langston fires her, Summer realises that hockey, which she had ignored for three years, will now consume her life for the foreseeable future.

Donny Rai, a fellow programme participant, leans against the wall and watches Summer. They are competing for the same co-op position while earning identical degrees. Smart student Shannon Lee is now contemplating quitting school. Donny, who is on the Dean’s Honour Roll and is active in every organisation on campus, offers to assist with the application.

Summer is left feeling bewildered and irritated. Amara tells her that she won’t be getting paid, so she wonders what her future holds.

Amara Evans, a technological prodigy and longtime roommate, has been recognised for her outstanding achievements to the institution and awarded special privileges as a result. She was able to get a place at Iona House, the only dorm on campus with two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments. Amara’s high rate of acceptances has the author wondering whether she is cheating the system. She has to cope with adolescent hormones and tantrums while also being the elder sister. Frat boys make it hard for Amara to kick back and enjoy their final year of high school. The author goes along with Cassie to kick off a proposal and readings, but Amara won’t let them work without breaks. The author is opposed to Amara’s plan and says they will take any vacation that would get them out of school.

About The Author Bal Khabra

Bal is a Canadian author who enjoys reading and writing romance. She had been a book nerd on social media for a while before she decided to dive into the romance genre.

She finds so much enjoyment in stories, films, and even writings about love. HEAs are the only things that make her heart skip a beat. She’s in love with words and wants nothing more than to be a published romance author.

Collide Book Summary

The novel Collide written by Bal Khabra is a friends with benefits romance that centres on college senior Summer Preston and hockey captain Aiden Crawford.

It was evident that Aiden was a secret softie, especially when he met Summer, despite the fact that he had a reputation for being a player. In particular, this was the case after Aiden met Summer. Aiden was the ideal partner for Summer because he had a thorough understanding of all of her passions and he was truly concerned about the state of their relationship.

Additionally, Aiden and Summer were the most virtuous and ideal pair in the world. They were smoking hot, especially in regard to the advantages that came as a result of the benefits that their connection provided.

But the length of the book seemed excessive, especially considering how hard Summer fought to drive Aiden away and how hard she tried to prevent herself from developing love feelings for him. To put it more succinctly, things started to feel routine and frustrating. In addition to that, I had the impression that Aiden put more effort into their relationship than Summer ever did. This is not to say that I am complaining, but it did appear as though she was so unworthy of him.

In the end, this book contained ALL of the cliches and moments that I love most from romance novels, and Bal definitely knew what she was doing when she wrote it.

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