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The Artist’s Way has been called “the bible” of books about the creative process. It has sold millions of copies around the world because so many people have found its advice to be helpful in pursuing the creative life. A tremendously provocative and uplifting work, it is as relevant now as when it was first released ten years ago. In a new preface to the book, Julia Cameron discusses the ten years after the publication of The Artist’s Way, the projects she’s worked on, and the lessons she’s learned about the creative process. The Artist’s Way has been revised and updated for a new century in this special jubilee edition.


The concept that the creator actively promotes inventiveness is shocking to most of us. We tend to believe, or at least be afraid of, the possibility that God disapproves of our creative aspirations. After all, deep down, our creative genius is a kid at heart and often thinks like one.

If our parents ever displayed scepticism or rejection of our imaginative pursuits, we would attribute such feelings to a divine parent. We have to change our way of thinking. This is a spiritual awakening that has been coaxed or sought for. This is what I mean when I talk about spiritual chiropractic. Spiritual practises help us connect with the cosmic source of inspiration. If you see the cosmos as a large electrical sea in which you are submerged and from which you are made, then allowing your imagination free reign transforms you from a mere speck in that sea into an active participant in that sea’s ecology.

To overcome my personal shortcomings as a teacher, I have learned to depend on the spiritual energy I feel in the classroom. To me, the praise of being called a “inspired teacher” is meant very literally. We are entangled by a hand that is not mine alone. Christ promised that whenever two or more people meet together, he would be there with them. The Muse himself seemed to share this sentiment.

The mystical union is at the centre of creative experience, and creative experience is at the heart of the mystical union. God is sometimes called the Creator in spiritual discussions, yet the word “creator” is seldom used in the same way that “artist” is. What I mean is that you should take “creator” quite literally. You want to have a partnership with the Great Creator on the level of artists working together. Your ability to think creatively will increase dramatically if you accept this idea.

About The Author Julia Cameron

Over the course of three decades, Julia Cameron has written and published fifteen books (including bestsellers The Artist’s Way, Walking In This World, and The Right to Write) and innumerable screenplays, novels, and musicals. Cameron has been writing professionally since she was 18 years old; her credits include an episode of Miami Vice and the Don Johnson film Elvis and the Beauty Queen. She contributed to films including “Taxi Driver,” “New York, New York,” and “The Last Waltz” as a writer.

God’s Will, an independent feature film she wrote, produced, and directed, won several awards and was featured at festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival, the London Film Festival, the Munich International Film Festival, and the Women in Film Festival. Cameron has taught filmmaking at institutions as varied as Chicago Filmmakers, Northwestern University, and Columbia College in addition to making his own films. Many artists have been encouraged by her insightful advice on how to free their imaginations and live from their creative centres.

The Artist’s Way Book Summary

Some years ago, I read The Artist’s Way and realised the value of putting in the time and effort recommended in the book. I didn’t actually follow through, though. Therefore, I decided to listen to the book to jog my memory and, more importantly, help me. This time, though, I have to ask myself: Will I actually accomplish it?

Many of my artist friends have read it and said they want to do it, but I have no idea if any of them actually have.

The purpose of the book The Artist’s Way is to help creative types (musicians, painters, actors, etc.) overcome creative blocks. I wouldn’t call myself blocked, but finding the time and mental space to be creative in the modern world is challenging. It’s challenging enough to create original work when you’re not earning a living in the creative industry. Getting extra work done at home is the last thing on your mind when you get off the clock.

There are 12 (I think) weekly tasks in the book designed to set you on that creative path. What’s stopping me from getting started is the major exercise, the one you do the whole time. Morning Pages is what it’s called. As a practise, you can try keeping a daily stream-of-consciousness journal first thing in the morning. Writing anything, even just spouting crazy off-the-wall and top-of-your-head nonsense, is a lot to expect of me because I am not a morning person and I don’t know many artists who are. At that same moment, I doubt I could have even held a pen, much less written with it. The question is, before coffee!

Anyone who considers themselves creatively inclined should read this book. I can see how it would function, as I mentioned before….if you did it. If you don’t enter the contest, you can’t possibly hope to win anything.

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