Preacher Man (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Preacher Man (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Preacher Man
Author:Jessa Kane
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I am a wicked person in every way. That’s what my mum has always told me.

I’m running a terrible temperature. Every Sunday I go to church and hear the handsome, mysterious local preacher’s powerful, commanding voice, and it becomes worse. I feel cold at the sight of him staring at me. My inner blaze can be extinguished only by him. My mother says I’m a major temptation, so I guess I should find out if she’s right.

I’m getting baptised next week. For the first time, the preacher will reach out and touch me.

I had no idea that once he touched me, he wouldn’t let go…

Preacher Man Book Summary

I beg your pardon, Father; my sins are many. A sin was committed. And they sinned much more in this book. There must be some sort of storyline underneath all that.

Mila has been teasing her preacher for a while, and she just turned eighteen. For months, he’s been lurking outside her window, and she’s on to him. Her mother has a heavy hand and often smacks and slaps her, leading her to believe that the devil dwells deep within her. So, she hopes that if she is baptised, her sins will be washed away. And her mother is convinced she has a bit of the devil in her (side note: I literally hid my face when I read the next remark).

Joseph reaches up and bats his tongue around my body until he finds the hidden nub at the very top, then gently suctions it. Then he switches from suction to sliding his tongue over me from side to side, flicking it at me with rapid, tiny movements. I yell, “Oh my God,” and whip my head violently on the pillow while straining at the ties with my wrists. The speaker uttered, “My God, my God, my God.”

My mother says from outside the door, “Sounds like you’re doing a great job in there, preacher.” She has already begun praying to her creator. You can still get some sense into her.

Joseph isn’t a true minister of the gospel. He’s made some poor choices in the past and now he’s trying to start over somewhere else. People assumed he was a preacher when he began constructing a church, so he gave in to the stereotype. However, he has killed before, so his hands aren’t exactly clean. The alluring Lina is the one bright spot in his life, and he has desired her for quite some time.

The tension will ease when it comes time for her baptism, thank God. And now he’s here to take his wife home with him. This minister is so DURTAY. Lina is his go-to dish.

In the afternoon light, her pu$$Y is as pink and shiny as a rosebud after a rainstorm, so I force her thighs open and almost come at the sight of it. Fruitful young lady. You’ve been waiting patiently for Daddy’s return without saying a word, have you?

An enjoyable and swift read. When it comes to the judgmental town/her mother, I adore how overprotective and jp Joseph is.

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