Husky (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Husky (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Husky
Author:Jessa Kane
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It’s the last day of New York Fashion Week, and Parker still hasn’t finished designing a suit for the men.
The one catch? She finds that none of the lean male models are motivating.
She visits Daws in hopes of gaining motivation.
He doesn’t look or act like the other males in the fashion industry at all.
He’s enormous, husky, and full of meat. And he’s just what she’s been looking for.
Now she just has to persuade the brusque ex-bodyguard-turned-bar-owner to be her pin cushion for the evening.

Daws isn’t easily persuaded.
As soon as Parker enters his pub, he is doomed.
If it involves walking down a runway in front of a thousand strangers to get some alone time with the young sweetheart, then be it.
Eventually, Daws gives in to temptation and demonstrates to Parker that big guys are superior.
But can he really make a home in her ideal world?
Otherwise, they’ll have to get by on the excitement of that one wild night.

Husky Book Summary

The beginning of Husky’s performance was promising. The premise was interesting, what with the barman hero being unconventionally handsome (by erotica standards), and the young designer heroine having only 24 hours to design men’s clothes for the fashion show. I found it interesting that despite their obvious differences, they were intensely drawn to one another.

Daws was a terrific protagonist. His early protectiveness and possessiveness endeared him to me. After meeting Parker, he was completely captivated by her and willing to go to any lengths to please her. I felt it was touching that he offered to be her guardian if he couldn’t be more involved in her life. I also appreciated that he was self-conscious about his appearance. Since vulnerable male protagonists are so rare in erotica, when they do appear, I find myself easily swooned.

The Parker incident had little effect on me. Her personality was so mysterious to me…To me, she seemed disorganised and disjointed. She might be daring at times and adorably naive at others. I couldn’t fully appreciate her because of how strange she was acting. But I think she was fine in the end.

I’ve only known him for five hours thus far. Pull in the reins, lady.

My one and only complaint about J.K.’s novellas is that everything takes place in a single day. A week is all I need to be convinced. While I have no problem with “instant” anything, including “instant” love or “instant” passion, when it seems like the characters are missing steps between their acts, my immersion is broken and my attention begins to wane. Yes, I am a Patricia who paces herself. The old pacing works for me.

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