Periyar Quotes (50) in English/Hindi/Tamil on God, Religion and More

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Periyar EV Ramasamy Quotes in English/Hindi

We must be able to alleviate poverty through assisting the poor. Providing meals to a few people here and there will not solve the problem of poverty.

Periyar EV Ramasamy quotes

The machinery is in the hands of capitalists. They make things tough for the employees. As a consequence, rationalism, which is supposed to pave the way for a tranquil existence for everyone, has caused poverty and anxiety among the people as a result of dominant forces.

Any viewpoint may be challenged by anybody. There is, however, no one’s right to stop it from being expressed.

Quotes on society

Village improvement involves more than just clearing the streets, building schools, and developing monasteries. It’s more than just a get-together to toast to the passing of the seasons.

Periyar Ramasamy quotes

Freedom and bravery have been seen as exclusively’masculine’ attributes in our culture. Many men believe that these traits are evidence of their greatness as a man.

Quotes About God & Religion

Periyar quotes on god

A religious guy is unlikely to think rationally. He moves as though he were a log in the sea.

There is no god, there is no god, there is no god at all. There is absolutely no god. Whoever came up with the concept of god is an idiot. A scoundrel is somebody who spreads the word about god. A barbarian is someone who worships a deity.

Quotes on religion

Because there was no open resistance to Aryanism from the start, it evolved gradually and degraded us.

The idea that only Brahmins are the highest and everyone else is as low as Pariah (the Untouchables) or Panchama, despite the fact that all men are born equal, is absurd. To suggest such is a slap in the face to the intelligence of the public. This whole thing is a ruse.

Individuals are responsible for their own religious commitment. Everyone deserves to have character. When there is no devotion, there is no possibility of loss. If there is no character, everything is a waste of time.

Self Respect Quotes

Periyar Quote on politics

If one lacks self-respect and scientific knowledge, obtaining titles and riches is pointless.

People who have given up on life can only be helped by those who have education, self-respect, and reasoning.

Any resistance that is not grounded in rationality, science, or real-world experience will eventually expose the fraud, selfishness, falsehoods, and conspiracies that are at the core of the opposition’s viewpoint.

There is no difference between men. Exploitation is not acceptable in any form. Both parties need to assist the other. Nobody should do anybody else any damage. In most circumstances, there should be no place for anybody to protest or air their grievances. Everyone should conduct their lives while maintaining a sense of national pride and responsibility.

Worries and frightened individuals will continue as long as we allow for dominance and the dominators. Poverty and disease will afflict the land for all time.

There should be no place in history for the term “Sudra,” which translates to “Son of a prostitute.” This word will never be included in a dictionary or encyclopaedia.

Dravidians hate those who deceived them with nonsense, and I want Brahmins to know that this is the case now. It has come to their attention that a certain group is profiting financially from promoting this nonsense. As a result, many people have developed deep-seated animosities against religion, caste, and ancient mythology (puranas).

It is ludicrous to use God or religious teachings in order to dehumanise the majority of the population.

There should be an increase in the number of people who volunteer their time and effort for the greater good, without expecting anything in return. Their exemplary character should serve as an example for the rest of us. To all men, they would serve as a role model for how to act in public.

Quotes on Oppression

Periyar ev Ramasamy Quotes

The oppression of women will persist over the globe so long as there is a persistent belief that males are superior to women. It is a foregone conclusion that women will be denied the right to liberty so long as the concept of male dominance is in place.

The machines are owned by the wealthy. They put the employees in a terrible position. As a consequence, rationality, which is supposed to guide the path to a tranquil existence for everyone, has resulted in poverty and anxiety for the people.

To allow a male to have as many women as he chooses, and to give him the freedom to do so, leads to promiscuity.

Others support birth control in order to protect women’s health and family wealth, but we support it in order to free women from oppression.

Quotes on Marriage and About Feminism in English/Tamil

If all of our literature was produced with the goal of promoting justice and disciplined behaviour, then wouldn’t it make sense for all of the requirements that are placed on women to also be enforced to men?

To what extent is a woman anything but a rubber-doll for the selfish purposes of men when it comes to property rights and the freedom to love whoever she wants?

The desires of the couple should serve as the driving force behind the conclusion of their marriage. Their hearts should begin to knit together, which will hopefully result in weddings.

When a guy considers a woman as his own property, he fails to recognise that she is endowed with emotions just as he is. As far as males are concerned, the way they treat women much outweighs any other kind of discrimination. Men, on the other hand, treat them ruthlessly and as slaves from the moment they are born till the moment they die.

As a result of the Brahmins’ deceptive and fictitious propaganda, our women have been swayed by superstitions, irrational beliefs, and immoral practises.

A man has the freedom to go anywhere he wants. He is free to marry as many women as he wants. Prostitution has arisen as a result of this practise.

Because of the preferences of the couple, marriages should come to a conclusion. This tying of the hearts is what should lead to unions between people.

Women’s rights to education and property are denied in Hinduism, despite the existence of a Goddess of Knowledge and a Goddess of Wealth.

Periyar quotes

For men to insist on their own personal chastity is a concept based on individual ownership; the belief that women are owned by men is what defines their present position as a wife, according to this ideology.

Do not educate women to do such menial tasks as taking care of home duties, painting floors, creating cow-dung pats, cleaning utensils, group dancing (Kummi), and dancing with batons. These activities are considered to be forms of servitude (Kolattam).

Quotes on Education

Periyar quotes on education

As far back as 1925, I had a strong belief that superstition and irrationality had to be destroyed, and that people needed to become rationalists instead.

Only education, self-respect, and rationality can help those who have fallen on hard times.

For the most part, people across the world believe in the power of education, yet in this nation rituals and ceremonies are revered, as well as religions and other forms of pseudo-science.

The planets are receiving communications from unknown sources. Through the Brahmins, we’re delivering rice and grains to our ancestor who is no longer with us. Is it a good thing to do?

Simply accepting what has been expressed by others does not help an individual develop. Listen to what other people have to say, but supplement it with your own rational thought thereafter. Recognize and make an effort to act in accordance with what seems appropriate to you.

Money lending is a dreadful occupation. Lawful pillage, if we’re going to call it that.

Think before you speak. Rationalism is the fulcrum of rational thought.

Atheists believe that there is no deity. It was an idiot who made god, the scoundrel who propagated his name, and the barbarian who worshipped him.

We should be able to end poverty by aiding the poor. Providing meals to those in need here and there will not eliminate poverty.

Periyar Quotes on Election and Politics

Never in the rest of my life will you find me knocking on doors to ask for someone’s vote. I will not even anticipate a single compliment coming from any direction.

My hope is not that all of the people in the world will behave in a way that is consistent with my desires, but rather that, come what may, only humane justice will be enforced in political systems and in public life. I do not wish for justice to be imposed in the form that is prescribed by any era or religion.

According to my own definition, I am never a party person. Always, I’ve been a man of my word.

As soon as I reached the age of discretion in my public life, I always volunteered to help the Non-Brahmin government. I couldn’t see any dignity or indignity in this at all.

Politics and religion have made it impossible for me to fit in. I’ve had to give up a position in the ministry; I’ve had to give up my self-esteem; and I’ve had to give up agony and hardship.

I’ve backed the political party that’s done the most good for the society I’m a part of and fought against the one that’s done the worst. I’ve never backed a political party just because it’s currently in power.

My sole motivation for serving is to see our nation’s people and society catch up to the rest of the world. I thus support those who are capable of doing good by our people and administrations that try to improve our socioeconomic situation in the greatest benefit of society.

I’m not obligated to stand with somebody indefinitely in order to further my own interests. Even if he’s a foreigner, I don’t see anything wrong with supporting that individual who does great for us and works to remove our societal depravity.

I have no political heirs. It is my values and ideas that will live on. My ideals and values are my legacy. The heirs should develop on their own.

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