Good Girl (PDF/ePUB) By Lisa Cullen Read Online For Free

Good Girl (PDF/ePUB) By Lisa Cullen Read Online For Free.

Good Girl PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Good Girl: A Secret Pregnancy, Student Teacher Reverse Harem Romance
Author:Lisa Cullen
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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I’ve always done what’s right… Before I got pregnant, I had no idea who the father might be.

All the appropriate ideals were instilled in me by my mother. I work diligently, am loyal, and am generous. At the tender age of twenty-three, I lack experience… Until I enter three different classrooms and become immediately captivated by the lecturers in each.

Derek, a professor of Modern Literature, is being looked at by the administration. His inner tranquillity must make him incredibly impassioned behind closed doors, yet all I can think about is his chiselled, clean-shaven jaw.

Professor of Ethics and Morality Samuel is the bad guy of my trio. He was the one who first took note of me, which sparked his mild preoccupation with my health.

For this crew of pals, Matt is like a second dad. Big, burly, and friendly… When I’m in his arms or on the back of his motorbike, I know he won’t let anything awful happen to me, and that’s the safest place I can imagine being.

I still can’t believe they picked me, a curvy, small student who has never done anything wrong in her life, given how attractive and enticing my professors are. But what will they say when they find out I’m pregnant?

Any one of them might be the father for all we know.

GOOD GIRL is a complete and independent romantic story. Watch how beautiful BBW Charlotte falls in love with and has children by three older, more authoritative professors.

About The Author Lisa Cullen

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, located in New York, was the Tokyo reporter for Time and also contributed to the financial magazine Money. She is a graduate of Columbia University’s journalism school and an active member of the Asian-American Journalists Association; she also received a grant from the International Reporting Project. Cullen’s family moved to Kobe, Japan, when he was young. She and her family are New Jersey residents.

Good Girl Book Summary

Seeing that males value ‘curvy’ women is a welcome development. There was the perfect amount of tension, excitement, steam, and fluffy content.

We all knew that her mother would always be a judgmental bigot who refused to see her daughter for who she really was—fat and imperfect. I am not at all shocked that Grandma was not mentioned in the final paragraph. I seriously doubt that self-righteous grandma would ever lower her standards for her grandchildren or anyone else. I find it hard to think that, after being as dysfunctional as she was as a mother, she could ever be even remotely acceptable as a grandma. Charlotte was still one of the kindest and most compassionate women ever, despite everything that had happened to her.

I’m overjoyed that Charlotte has found love with not one, but three guys. Adding infants to the happy ending makes it all the more endearing.

This review is entirely voluntary; Book Sprout provided me with a free copy of the book.

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