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My Other Half (PDF/ePUB) By Neya B Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:My Other Half
Author:Neya B
Series Halal Love Book 1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.34 MB
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It’s crazy how unexpected twists of fate can alter our plans.

Hayat never expected to find the man who would love her in both this world and the next. Hayat, a web designer in her twenties, didn’t have romantic relationships in mind. Not even in matrimony!

On the other hand, Anas’s deepest desire was to share Souhila’s love with someone who could return it in equal measure. When his daughter entered kindergarten, he was completely unprepared. That was the day he finally found what he had been seeking.

It’s impossible for two spirits to cross paths by happenstance.

The meaning of this sentence wasn’t immediately clear, but it always checked out in the end.

About The Author Neya B

Neya writes in a variety of genres, including romance, suspense, and fantasy. It gives her great joy to transport her readers to new and exciting places.

She is comfortable switching from third-person to first-person or even using both if it serves the book better.

She is thrilled for you to meet her and learn about her passion for representing Muslim MCs and/or North Africans.

My Other Half Book Summary

I won’t go into detail about the book’s flaws because it’s evident that this is the author’s first work. A warning to anyone considering reading it: it’s riddled with typos, it can be difficult to follow the conversation at times, and the character descriptions are tediously similar. The climax and resolution happened a little too quickly for my taste. I didn’t understand why the ex-wife showed up out of nowhere and then vanished. Anyway, I’d want to highlight the positive emotions this book evoked in me. In the end, this book served as a reminder of just how wonderful it is that I am a Muslim.

I’d like to make a few comments. Okay, so first things first.
This is Anas Saidi.
He is the benchmark, the main man, the only. In other words, frl, nobody should ever settle for second best. I can’t imagine a more ideal man. I’ve never felt this way about a male protagonist before.

No, rofl I can’t give this book more than one star because it made me have unrealistically high standards for Moroccan males. That’s right, I identify as a Moroccan. My mum and dad are from Morocco. In my family and in my ancestry there are just Moroccans. I am really proud of my Moroccan heritage. Reading this book made me want to settle down with a Moroccan man named Anas who works in real estate (Insha’Allah). The book was so profound and moving that I felt like I was Hayat, experiencing everything along with her.

Anas has always been very kind and considerate to Hayat, even before they were married. Even though his mother didn’t approve of her, he loved her with all his heart and soul and never held back from showing it. Before and after their wedding, she lacked self-assurance; however, she gradually began to develop it with his help. I also liked that despite his intense desires for her, he honoured her desire for a slow courtship and marriage, even after their Islamic wedding. That is the very essence of a manly man. Everything about their connection endeared it to me. All the respect, tension, and passion that exists between them. Oh no, he gushed about her from a distance and even blushed. That is what we call undying affection.

Leave Anas and Hayat alone and go on to Anas and Souhila. Instead of treating his daughter like a princess, he treated her like a queen. She felt like the centre of his universe after he told her that. He made her feel treasured and cherished. When he and his wife couldn’t agree on which house to buy for his work, she got to make the final call. Every time she drew him a picture or expressed curiosity about his deen, he was moved to tears. That exemplifies what it means to be a responsible parent. His parenting was exemplary since he shielded his daughter from harm at all times.

I admired how he fought with his ex-wife to open her eyes and see that, although she is Souhila mother, she is not really it because she abandoned her when she was a young child and needed her the most. This experience taught me the importance of cherishing and protecting one’s family and mental health and to never take them for granted. Souhila mother was a traumatic experience for her, but her childhood was filled with beautiful memories because to Anas’s efforts.

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