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In the 12th century, Lord Basavanna was known for being a free thinker, politician, and poet. In addition to this, he served for a while as a social reformer.

He is mostly recognised for his work in the field of socio-religious transformation.

Basavanna Quotes on Life

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Basavanna Quotes on Life

Believe that the creator of this world is both everywhere and the supreme power, and put your trust in him.


What am I, a poor guy, supposed to do about the temples that the affluent people are going to build for the Lord Shiva? My lower body is a monument, and my head is a golden cupola on top. My legs are the pillars.


Just conduct your life honestly and don’t want the wealth, the women, or even God of others.

Basavanna Teachings

Listen, O Lord Kudalasangama, things that are alive will fall, but those that are moving will always keep up with them.

How am I supposed to have faith in a god who consumes lacquer and liquefies, and that withers away when he sees a fire?

How am I supposed to feel okay with gods that people bury out of fear of thieves and gods that people sell when they are in need?

Listen, O Lord of the Rivers That Gather, things that are standing will fall, but the things that are moving will always remain.

When the fire in a Brahman home, which is treated as a deity, gets out of control and threatens to burn the home, the residents beat their chests, throw water from the gutter and dust from the street upon it, and call for the community to gather around. These folks, however, have forgotten their devotion and are rebuking their fire; rebuke them, O Lord of the confluence of rivers!

Transform your physical being into the house of the Lord.

Gain financial success via labour that is sincere and honest.

Feel that there is no one lower than you while you are working, and that there is no one higher than the society when you are working.

Live your life with integrity, and don’t covet what belongs to other people.

You should only consume as much as you need, and if there is any surplus, you should donate it to the community since there are many others who are in need of it.

Every single individual has their own personal connection with God.

Never bet against yourself when you are on the path of faith. Live a magnificent existence.

Never do anything that might cause someone to lose Trust in you.

Basava Poems & Vachana

  • The strength of knowledge triumphs over the weakness of ignorance;
  • The efficacy of light causes darkness to fade away;
  • The strength of the truth is an adversary to any and every lie;

Another Vachana is:

  • Why do you try to fix the problems that exist in the world?
  • You rectified your mental state. You made your physical self whole…
  • Those who are bothered about their neighbours won’t get approval from Koodala Sangama Deva.

Read next Poem:

  • Do not steal, do not murder, and do not say falsehoods;
  • Do not get enraged, and do not despise other people.
  • Do not congratulate yourself, and do not criticise others who have a different viewpoint.
  • This represents the inner purity, while this represents the exterior purity.
  • This is the method through which our Lord Koodala Sangama can be appeased.

Next Vachana:

  • When you talk, your words need to sparkle like a string of pearls.
  • If you talk, your voice should shine with the brilliance of a precious stone.
  • Your voice should have the clarity of a crystalline shaft.
  • If you were to speak, Linga would nod in awe as you concurred.
  • How can Koodala Sangama Deva be happy if what is spoken does not correspond to what is done?

Basavanna Teachings

Everyone, regardless of gender, caste, creed, or professional standing, is equal, and they all have the right to education and the illumination of their spiritual selves.

The cleanliness of one’s thoughts is more vital than having knowledge of the texts.

Any kind of food or delight should be presented as an offering to God first, and only after that may it be consumed as prasada.

Forsaking the world entirely is not a prerequisite to leading a spiritual life; quite the contrary. It is important to place a premium on genuine dedication as well as good behaviour.

The worship of Ishtalinga does not require the presence of a priest or any other mediator between God and the devotee. Additionally, it does not require the use of temples, which are off-limits to untouchables.

Every able-bodied individual ought to be working honestly to bring in money for themselves and their families. There is no such thing as a high or low career. Sincerity and honesty in one’s job are the most important qualities.

It is unacceptable to take incentives for work that is not completed well and wages should reflect the amount of effort put in.

After setting part of the income aside for the upkeep of the family, the remaining funds should be put to use in the service of the Jangamas, who go from location to location disseminating the word of devotion and instructing others in the worship of Ishtalinga.

Basava Jayanti 2022 Quotes

I hope you all have a life filled with truth and honesty from here on out. Happy Basava Jayanti 2022.

Wishing you a happy Basava Jayanti in 2022 and hoping that this holiday fills your life with loads of loyalty and compassion.

On the occasion of Basava jayanti, let us make a pact with ourselves to work toward making the world a more peaceful place. Happy Basava jayanti.

Spread love wherever you go, and let there be light in the form of equality and compassion. Happy Basava Jayanti.

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