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About Fajr and Noor Book

A collection of quotations and poems, Fajr and Noor can be found here. A book that is brimming with Noor and has the power to enlighten your soul and transform you into a genuine Muslim. It is about living a life in which you begin each day with the recitation of Fajr and adorn yourself with Noor.

About the Author

I am a visitor just like you. On the way to meeting my lord. I am nothing more than what Allah honours me with and what he directs me to do. I pray that my writings, my work, and my good intentions would become a source of blessings not only for me but also for you and for everyone else who is struggling to find their way through life. I pray that the good job I do will eventually be to everyone’s advantage. I never in a million years imagined that I would publish a book, and I certainly never imagined that I would be an inspiration to thousands of people. Nevertheless, I am thankful to Allah for the chance that he has given me. Once I realised what God’s words meant to me, my whole life took a turn for the better. By writing books, it is my desire to inspire positive change in the world, and so far, it appears that this is happening. I pray that Allah will lead everyone of us to his light, and I look forward to meeting you in Jannah someday.

Fajr and Noor Book Summary

Okay, so my thoughts on this book, brah, are all over the place. To begin, let’s talk about the positives! I absolutely adored the fresh takes on various Islamic practises, such as the salah, for example. I also really appreciated the wonderful inspirational advise about reading the Quran and having a strong faith. On the other hand, there was that little selection of poetry that were just crude and informal. I don’t understand why you keep saying “bro” and “idk” and other such things in your poems. They are meant to have poetic quality.


As I liked the title, I wanted to give it a shot, assuming that it would contain some wise and uplifting advice as well as motivational quotations (which is also mentioned in the synopsis). After perusing a few pages, it turned out to be quite strange. There are a lot of things wrong with this book, the first of which is that it is filed under the category of Islam, which doesn’t quite fit it. Yes, this book does contain some quotes related to that, but the way that they were written was something that I didn’t find to be appropriate. There are a lot of other things that are wrong with this book. The author stated that while you are busy falling in love with the music of the devil, he or she is busy falling in love with the word of God. It doesn’t seem like a helpful thing to say or a good approach to counsel someone if you say something like this, does it? This is only one of many similar quotes available; there are many more.

Second, the author plagiarised the work of other authors and appended his own name below the quotations. Plagiarizing the work of another author while altering one or two words is not an ethical practise. It was pretty offensive to make jokes about the beards that women wore.

It was written in a style that made it seem as though someone is just speaking aimlessly utilising message typing, and it contained a great deal of repetitious material and useless quotations. This book has a misleading title that does not depict anything that is associated with the content of the book at all. It was not anything that should be read.

Fajr and Noor Book EPUB/PDF Download

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Fajr and Noor Book PDF

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