Moments of Madness (PDF/ePUB) By T.L. Smith Read Online

Moments of Madness (PDF/ePUB) By T.L. Smith Read Online for free.

Moments of Madness PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Moments of Madness
Author:T.L. Smith
SeriesThe Hunters #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size3.05 MB
ePub Size1.96 MB
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We had our first encounter at his exes’ wedding, and during her vows, the bride mentioned their code phrase. Instantaneously, he tightened his jaw and squeezed both of his palms into tight fists.
After that, he informed her a few moments later that I was with him. When in fact, I had managed to sneak my way inside the wedding.

As soon as I went to leave, knowing quite well that I should be far away from him, he grabbed my arm and muttered in a low, scary voice, “Do you sneak into weddings often?” which caused me to freeze in place. I knew I should be far away from him.
It didn’t take me more than a few moments to realise that this man posed a threat to me. And since there was nothing else I could do that made any sense, I gave him a kick right where it hurt.
I had no idea that man was a hunter till much later.
And to think it only took him a few days to track me down..

About The Author T.L. Smith

T.L. Smith, a USA Today best-selling author, frequently creates flawed protagonists whose beauty and darkness make them impossible to ignore. Multiple translations of her works exist. Her favourite places to visit include her own Queensland, Australia, the island of Bali, the prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco, and the city streets of New York.

Moments of Madness Book Summary

TL Smith’s The Hunters series continues with the second installment, titled Moments of Madness. I liked the previous book, which was about Alaska and Zuko, but I have to admit that I liked this book much more. The focus of this book is on other characters. I had the impression that the characters in this novel were better developed, and I particularly liked the dynamic that existed between Kyson and Kalilah.

Kalilah is currently hiding out and doing her best to stay alive while on the run. She is still young but has already experienced a lot in her short life, which has made her rather cynical. She just doesn’t have someone to talk to, but she won’t let a man dictate her life either. When Kalilah enters the picture, Kyson is having second thoughts about his life and whether or not to continue his current line of work. Because he has never been interested in settling down, the feelings he has for her might often leave him bewildered. Even though neither of them wants to acknowledge it to the other or to themselves, Kalilah and Kyson generate some fairly passionate scenes together and are dependent on one another.

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You should give this book a shot if you like stories in which the main character struggles with moral dilemmas and the female main character is looking for her place in the world. I was able to finish the book in a very short amount of time. I would have to say that Kenzo is the character who fascinates me the most, which is why I can’t wait for his book to come out.

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