Mine to Promise (PDF/ePUB) By Natasha Madison Read Online

Mine to Promise (PDF/ePUB) By Natasha Madison Read Online for free.

Mine to Promise Information

Book Name:Mine to Promise
Author:Natasha Madison
SeriesSouthern Wedding #6
File Type:PDF/ePub
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A novel about a small town, one night stand, secret baby, and second chance romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Natasha Madison.

When parallel universes collide. As seen in The Southern Series and This Is Series.
A novel about a small town, one night stand, secret baby, and second chance romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Natasha Madison.

When parallel universes collide. As seen in The Southern Series and This Is Series.

I had pretty much written off the possibility of ever seeing him again.
In particular, he was holding hands with his girlfriend while I was busy organising someone else’s wedding.
Our one night together was so wild and intense, it forever altered the course of my life.
Now he’s here, and he’s twirling around at our feet in a princess outfit, the culmination of our one night together.

I did everything perfectly.
When you had questions, you came to me.
They didn’t pay me to be kind, so I had to be competitive.
At all times, I was in command.
Five years ago was the only time I relaxed my guard.
If I thought seeing the woman I’d never forget again would throw me off, meeting our daughter for the first time completely threw me off.

Beginning of the Plot

The narrator, whose aunt Zara is in charge of wedding preparations, is understandably anxious about the big day. The beverages and snacks in the bridal suite are being provided by Ingrid, the wedding planner. The narrator wonders whether she is prepared for the wedding and the moment. The narrator anticipates Sofia’s proposal to Matty, whom she has loved since their time together in college. The narrator is an employee of Clarabella, Shelby, and Presley, a high-end event planning company.

Matty, a successful proposal, shocked his coworkers by popping the question and announcing his engagement. There was a lot of buzz around the workplace, but the following two weeks were hectic with last-minute preparations and nervous energy. Sofia and Matty created a mystical setting for their wedding with tea lights and candles, and Matty then asked Sofia to be his wife. When Matty asked Sofia’s father for her hand in marriage, Sofia agreed. Matty reassured her that he would never say no, even if his relatives were astonished and scared. The pair had to sneak around and make it seem like an engagement party, but no one caught on to the fact that they were really getting married. Zara, a popular personal shopper, had to be brought in to make sure enough women’s outfits would be purchased. Shelby, the couple’s sister, wanted to know how everyone in the family managed to keep the news a secret after swearing her to secrecy. The sisters and narrator were both left wondering how Matty kept his promise.

Clarabella and Shelby can’t wait to attend the wedding of their friends Matty and Sofia. Sofia’s grandpa, Casey, is concerned about what’s happening and attempts to calm the children down. Sofia is taken by Clarabella to her great-grandfather’s barn, which is undergoing renovations to become a reception hall. They all make wagers on the costumes, and Sofia reveals that she was conceived in the barn. Clarabella can’t believe how excited everyone is, especially when the wedding starts and the shrieking begins. She thinks more people should be sober for the occasion, even if just Presley and Shelby have to be sober.

Men are tidying up the ceremonial area, and Clarabella tells the narrator that they must make sure no one’s boobs are coming out or private regions are exposed. Sofia, their first customer, will take excellent care of the narrator. They enter the barn, where Casey and Matthew are debating whether or not to hold a gun salute. The narrator needs the narrator’s assistance setting up the ceremonial area since they aren’t sure if they can reason with the gun salute.

About The Author Natasha Madison

The Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author spends her time away from reading and writing with her nose in a book and her fingers racing over a kitchen stove. She’ll be the one driving the kids around in four-inch heels or helping her spouse plan out his business travel. Even her Labrador doesn’t follow her orders, so it’s a good thing her characters do.

Mine to Promise Book Summary

Mine to Promise is the next installment in Natasha Madison’s delightful Southern Wedding series. After reading several series by this author, I can confidently say that this one is my favourite. This is a story about a secret baby romance set in a small town and including a one-night encounter. And so many of my favourite clichés!

At the beginning of the novel, Addison is assisting in the preparations for a marriage proposal and wedding when the man she had a one-night stand with five years prior unexpectedly reappears. Stefano is even more taken aback when he unexpectedly meets Addison and their four-year-old daughter. Everything in their lives is turned upside down suddenly, yet in the cutest possible way!

I admired how accepting Stefano and his family were of their daughter from the start. They begin to lavish her with extravagant gifts, which I expected to be more of a story given how often we hear about the costs and the contents of those gifts. However, this was not the case. Stefano is the hero type, the one who rides in and rescues the damsels in distress. Addison and Stefano’s romance was low-stress and sweet to see unfold. I was completely convinced by the narration duo of Savannah Peachwood and Jason Clarke. This was a delightful, effortless read. The cover art is gorgeous.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the author for providing me with a free abridged audiobook in exchange for an honest evaluation. On September 8, 2023, Mine to Promise will be published.

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