Maybe Once, Maybe Twice (PDF/ePUB) By Alison Rose Greenberg

Maybe Once, Maybe Twice (PDF/ePUB) By Alison Rose Greenberg Download and Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Maybe Once, Maybe Twice
Author:Alison Rose Greenberg
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Maybe Once, Maybe Twice is a tale about second chances and finding your own way, full of the passion and angst that define the years you grow to know yourself, with a shifting timeline spanning two decades and ratcheting up the tension.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “we should get married if we’re still single at 35.” That promise was made twice in Maggie Vine’s life, and both times were with very different people.

They both arrived, too.

Maggie Vine’s fortunes had gone through the roof. She’s 35 and trying to make it as a singer and a mum, but so far, neither has worked out. And so it seems like everything might fall into place until Garrett Scholl, a restrained hedge fund manager by day and an exciting aspiring rock singer by night, shows up at her 35th birthday party with the aim of kissing Maggie senseless. Maggie realises that she doesn’t belong in the standard-issue existence he’s planning for himself because he’s already engaged to someone else.

Aher Reyes steps in. Her first summer camp partner went on to become a Hollywood darling who kept a low profile after achieving fame. It seems like music, love, and family will all come together for Maggie when a life-changing chance presents itself when she reconnects with Asher. But she can’t seem to shake the ghosts of her past.

Beginning of the Plot

Maggie May, our heroine, and her best friend Summer spend her 30th birthday at a seedy pub in Nolita. They all have a good time and cheers to one other, but the barman, Garrett Scholl, is the only one left. Maggie is nervous about letting Garrett in on her genuine sentiments, but he gives her courage to do so.

The heroine has developed feelings for Garrett, a guy she has admired for a long time. at her early twenties, she performed at dive pubs and sometimes tended bar. The fact that Garrett is interested in how she is feeling is both disconcerting and reassuring to her. She confides in him, but is astonished that no one else has probed her about her emotions.

Valeria, Summer’s wife, has “rescued” a goldendoodle from a pet shop display without consulting Summer beforehand, and this has resulted in an argument. It’s out of character for Garrett to probe into her emotions, as he normally avoids anything sad by bringing up something shiny. Whether it’s a crude joke or a song from the ’90s, he can make her smile till her cheeks hurt.

The protagonist’s ordeal in the pub highlights the difficulties women of her age encounter when communicating their feelings to others.

Garrett, the guy Maggie is seeing, has his finger on the pulse of everything Maggie cherishes. During a particularly emotional time during the song, Garrett reminds her that she hasn’t heard any “What’s going on?” from him. As they reveal the shocking reality, the woman’s heart races.

The thought of telling Garrett the truth makes Maggie’s pulse race. If they are not married after five years, Garrett proposes to her. But Garrett is certain that Maggie does, even if she shook her head. The mouth of Garrett opens, but no sound comes out.

Maggie is embarrassed and uncertain if she unexpectedly proposes to Garrett. She faces the bar and concentrates on her clean glasses. Garrett leans in close to her face and asks, “Why do we have to wait until we’re 35?” as his lips brush hers. The lady is in a dangerous situation, but she has no idea how dangerous it is.

About The Author Alison Rose Greenberg

Screenwriter Alison Rose Greenberg (she/her) currently resides in Atlanta, but she is keen to point out that she was actually born in New York City. Alison attended her first lesson in screenwriting while a student at the University of Southern California and immediately fell in love with the subject. Her career path took her away from screenwriting and into marketing, and then back to writing again. Alison is an accomplished aficionado of romantic comedies, an avid fan of WB dramas from the ’90s, a sobbing fan of Taylor Swift, and a devoted single parent to her two amazing children and one badly trained dog.

Maybe Once, Maybe Twice Book Summary

Not everyone will enjoy this novel, but those who do will find something to enjoy here: a filthy love story full of searing tension, all-consuming heartbreak, and plenty of anguish. This story captivated me from the very first page, and I enjoyed learning about Maggie’s musical aspirations, personal relationships, and motherhood goals throughout the years.

Maggie Vine made the identical marriage pact with two men, despite their appearance in her life at quite different times. Both Garrett and Asher have reappeared in her life at the age of 35. But who should we pick? You won’t know what’s going on until the very end, thanks to the interweaving of multiple timelines and flashbacks.

I will admit that Maggie did not wind up with the guy I had hoped she would. But a well-written love triangle is one of my romance genre guilty pleasures, and this one did not disappoint. I couldn’t get enough of the mixture of heartbreak and comedy, despair and optimism.

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