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Book Name:Between Love and Loathing
Author:Shain Rose
SeriesHardy Billionaire Brothers #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The Pretend Romance of Dom and Clara

As long as I don’t fall in love with him, pretending to date my enemy so I can construct my ideal bakery should be a breeze.

Dominic Hardy has won numerous awards as an architectural engineer and has an impressive resume, yet he can’t bake a mean pie. Even sugar isn’t good enough for him.
So it’s no surprise that Dominic Hardy objects to the provision in my late stepfather’s will that he inherit the Pacific Coast Resort he diligently built, so long as my bakery may be placed smack dab in the middle of it.
My mouth drops further when the will specifies that we must both agree on the design plans for my business.
His uptight preferences aren’t compatible with my carefree spirit.

Dominic then makes me an offer I simply can’t refuse. So long as I sign on for one more year, he’ll give me free rein of my bakery.

Fake Go on a five-month date with him.
Try to keep his ex from bothering us by acting like a couple.
Look him in his piercing green eyes while smiling at a few parties.
Kiss each other, maybe.
No major events.
I’ve pretended to love him for five months now, even though his mouth is full of garbage.
No matter how often he uses it on me.

This ought to be really simple.
However, there is a tiny line separating love and hate, and I fear I may have crossed it.

Beginning of the Plot

Clara tried her best to accept the doctor’s admission that they had made a mistake during a visit. She met Dominic Hardy, a strange architect and stepfather’s counsellor. In his testament, Dominic, the eldest Hardy brother, planned his death. Mrs. Johnson told them how Carl Milton and the four men he considered sons, the Hardy brothers, developed one of the nation’s greatest hospitality empires, creating the Hardy Elite All-Access Team (HEAT) brand.

Dom oversaw the Pacific Coast Resort’s reopening as the eldest of his siblings. As Mrs. Johnson told her Carl was leaving the company’s final design, operations, shares, and management to her, she shed tears. Dominic also declined her offer to tour the resort’s Clara’s bakery. He was shocked that the Pacific didn’t cover Clara’s bakery.

Clara snapped at Dominic because she believed it might become a global centre for meeting and falling in love. Her pride was pierced by Dominic Hardy’s scathing, contemptuous words. He challenged her to do it, and she sought for a weakness in her confidence.

Clara is told by elderly Mrs. Johnson that resort owner Carl wants her to oversee the bakery. She says the resort’s size and the bakery’s 200,000 square feet make growth difficult. In supporting Clara, Mrs. Johnson offers her the bakery to operate alongside her mother.

Because she values the bakery, Clara fears she won’t be able to keep it going. Her dad gave her permission to open a successful bakery in the East Coast hotel. To provide Clara a separate identity from her mother and siblings, Mrs. Johnson offers her the new resort bakery.

Clara is determined to succeed with her West Coast bakery despite hurdles. Mrs. Johnson has told her she would not help with the design requirements and wants to make it work on the West Coast. Due to their mother’s ownership, the spa provides stable income for her and her sister.

When everything is said and done, Clara wants to move the bakery to the West Coast to start again with Carl.

About The Author Shain Rose

Author of New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels is Shain Rose. With every word she uses, she struggles for love. It’s not always easy to reach the happy ending!

She spends her time away from writing cuddling with Doc G, Liv, Grey, and their rogue golden retriever. She and Doc G have been married for a long time, yet they still treat their relationship like it’s their first.

When the children are well-behaved, life is wonderful.

If she isn’t working on a piece or spending time with loved ones, she’s probably giving them a call. If she doesn’t pick up, she’s probably reading or watching garbage television.

Between Love and Loathing Book Summary

Like one of Clara’s sweet treats, Between Love and Loathing is sinfully satisfying. With the sweetest heroine and the traditional brooding hero who softens only for her, this fake dating romance is rife with sexual tension and turmoil. In spite of my relative unfamiliarity with Shain Rose’s canon, I devoured this.

Clara, our heroine, was vivacious and sweet beyond words, and I loved her. She’s the perfect leading lady: friendly and approachable while simultaneously being ambitious, kind, gentle, and fierce when necessary. She’s a ray of hope and energy, a ray of sunlight. And the deliciously mercurial counterpoint to our hero Dom’s dark brooding aloofness and unabashed ruthlessness. While on the surface he may seem cold and haughty, he turns out to have all of the delicious possessiveness and alpha protection I look for in a hero. Let’s just say that when my hatred of him grows into something more, he turns on an air of dark allure that I can’t help but be drawn to. It seems like he actually doesn’t hate her…His intense desire for her is driving him crazy. Once I saw his true colours, he had won me over.

Dom dislikes having Clara around, but she is the perfect phoney girlfriend because she will never leave his resort. No chance of developing sentiments, right? The fiery passion between them quickly transforms into a magnetic pull, yet the line between love and hate is, of course, very thin. There is a lot of passion and sexual tension between them. The fact that Dom is initially a jerk and that other women try to derail this duo actually helped us see Clara develop to her full potential. It’s no surprise that she posed such a threat to Dom if she won my heart as easily as she won his. What a dramatic and tense adventure they embark onto; the buildup was fantastic. Some of our supporting cast members, like Dom’s family, really stood out to me, and I can’t wait to see what else Shain has in store for us.

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