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Book Name:Faithless
Author:Skyler Mason
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From the moment he laid eyes on me, Mark Walker wanted to have me all to himself.

He swept me off my feet, into his glittering world of money and smooth talking, and slapped a gigantic rock of a diamond on my finger before I could bat an eye.

At first, we were overjoyed. Our home, family, and way of life all looked great on paper.

Everything was OK until I let the first guy who really cared about me steal my heart.

Mark hasn’t forgiven me for my wrongdoing, even though it’s been fifteen dreadful years. He humiliates me nightly in front of our mutual friends and family by having other ladies sleep with him.

Despite my imperfections, I believe that even sinners need to be treated with respect.

It looks like I’m out of options. Our vows were broken long ago. We need to finalise our divorce immediately.

Yet he reacts unexpectedly when I tell him my decision.

Despite his hatred for me, he insists on not letting me go.

Author Bio: Skyler Mason

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Skyler spends most of her reading time immersed in a love story. At appropriate moments, she makes the male protagonists in her works vulnerable by highlighting the strength of the female protagonists. I mean, what’s the point in a romance if there’s no conflict?

Synopsis of the Book “Faithless” by Skyler Mason

When Whitney announces her desire for a divorce from Mark after 23 years of marriage, he and she are both blindsided by a wave of feelings, memories, and even resolve that they had not bargained for. After 15 years of an unfaithful partner, what options does a woman have? What about the man who abused her guilt to act inappropriately? A relationship’s challenges and the heartbreak of betrayal are depicted movingly in this novella. It has a lot of nuance rather than shallowness brought on by relying on tired tropes. Their story was about more than just a guy and a woman having an affair. Some themes might resonate with readers.

The future of the central couples was affected by choices made because of a man’s disenchantment and a woman’s uncertainty. Whitney was so insecure that she couldn’t even bring herself to admit that she had feelings for Mark. Mark overcame his innate distrust and let his misguided adoration for Whitney, his “angel,” to serve as his guiding principle. He’d done what seemed like impossible things to acquire her. The corrosive behaviours of resentment and betrayal went hand in hand.

About the Character: Whitney

Whitney’s voice was soothing and reassuring, but yet strong and resolute. Mark was still cold, uncomfortable, and concerned about Whitney’s disappearance despite her actions. She had been taken for granted by him. After years of suffering, I could sense the depth of their regret and desire to make amends. Describe how you felt like crying because of a bleak situation and destructive habits. This story’s depiction of infidelity, which featured multiple angles on a typically monolithic subject, broke new ground. Since outward appearances don’t always reveal the whole story, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

This narrative, told at a breakneck pace from multiple first-person perspectives, was one of my favourites of the year because of the favourable portrayal of an elderly couple (in their 40s). It wasn’t sizzling, but it proved they had an undeniable, tangible desire to one another. There weren’t a tonne of supporting players, but they helped shed some light on the main ones. Purity broadens the frame of reference.


The author transformed the taboo subject of infidelity into a thought-provoking essay. This was a short story, but it made quite an impression.

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