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Name of BookLove, Theoretically
AuthorAli Hazelwood
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Elsie Hannaway, a theoretical physicist, has had a very eventful life, and it has all come back to haunt her. She is an adjunct professor by day, and she is diligently working towards tenure by grading labs and teaching thermodynamics. Elsie supplements her little income by advertising her services as a fake girlfriend on the weekends, drawing on her well-honed people-pleasing talents to become whichever version of herself her client requires.

It’s a great job, up until the point where her carefully crafted Elsie-verse collapses. For the simple reason that her mentor’s career was damaged and the reputation of theorists everywhere was harmed by the cold-hearted experimental physicist, Jack Smith, the frustratingly handsome and broody elder brother of her favourite client. And the same Jack is now a member of the MIT recruiting committee, blocking Elsie’s path to her ideal position.

About The Author Ali Hazelwood

I’m Ali, and I write modern romantic comedies about smart, accomplished women in the sciences and the academy. I adore kittens, Nutella, and ponytails worn to the side. I’m also in the process of learning how to crochet, so you can see that I have a full and eventful life.

Goodreads is a place where I can share my enthusiasm for books I’ve read and enjoyed (many of which have been advanced reader copies given to me by other writers).

Love, Theoretically Book Summary

After the success of The Love Hypothesis, Ali Hazelwood is back with another stellar STEM romance.

Before I even start this review, I just want to say that Jack Smith-Turner is my pick for MAN OF THE YEAR. And I now officially claim my hubby as my own.

In order to get by financially while managing her diabetes without health insurance, theoretical physicist Elsie Hannaway pretends to date Greg, who just so happens to be Jack Smith-Turner’s brother. Elsie is hoping to land a job in the physics department at MIT, but she has no idea that Jack is an experimental physicist and hence her chief opponent. The attraction between Jack and Elsie is evident, and their rivalry quickly evolves into something more.

Obviously Hazelwood would pen another STEMinist to advocate for women’s equality in the STEM fields, and both main characters are fantastic. Elsie’s single flaw is that she is unable to say “no”; she is a people pleaser who will tell lies to maintain harmony and is afraid of being rejected if she ever speaks her mind. Their chemistry is unbelievable, and they served up some of the sweetest passages in fiction. Jack is the ideal fictional boyfriend since he can easily see a liar like Elsie and will always put her comfort and needs first.

All the elements of a great romance novel are present in “Love, Theoretically”: rival physicists, a guy in love with his brother’s fake-girlfriend from the moment he met her, the most believable female protagonist, a love interest that could only be written by a woman, a fantastic supporting character, tender moments between the two leads, and some steamy moments.

If you enjoyed Ali Hazelwood’s previous works like The Love Hypothesis, Love On the Brain, and the STEMinist Novellas, you’re going to adore this. I think this is the best of her books that you haven’t read yet.

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