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About The Love Hypothesis

Olive Smith, who is currently in her third year of a Ph.D. programme, does not believe in being in a serious romantic relationship, although her best friend does. It was inevitable that Anh would want more than Jedi mind tricks in order to be persuaded that Olive is involved in a romantic relationship and is well on her way to a happily ever after. Thus, Olive loses her mind and kisses the first man she sees, just like any self-respecting scientist would do in this situation.

That person is Adam Carlsen, a young genius professor who is also known for being a notorious jerk. Because of this, Olive is taken aback when the lab dictator at Stanford University offers to pretend to be her lover and keep the entire thing a secret. But when Olive’s career is put in jeopardy after a major scientific conference goes off the rails, Adam once again surprises her with his unwavering support and even more unwavering… six-pack abs.

It would appear at this point that the experiment that they were doing is on the verge of detonating. And Olive realises that constructing a theory about love attraction was far easier than analysing her own feelings, which is a lesson she takes away from the story.

About Ali Hazelwood: The Author

My name is Ali, and I specialise in writing contemporary romance books with strong female protagonists that work in academics and STEM-related professions. I love side ponytails, Nutella, and cats. I’m also learning how to crochet right now, so as you can see, I’m a pretty interesting person who leads a really fascinating and fulfilling life! I only use Goodreads to review books that I really like and to encourage other readers to read them (many of these book are ARCs received from fellow authors).

The Love Hypothesis Book Summary

When Olive, a third-year PhD candidate, manages to get into a phoney relationship with the perpetually scowling Dr. Adam Carlsen, she is filling pipettes and titrating like a boss. She genuinely cannot believe her misfortune. She must unfortunately carry out the lies she has concocted since she has no other choice. Yet as they spend more time together, Olive begins to suspect he might be the one she has been waiting for all along.

Just a chuckle and a half! ………. and a……………. Olive cracks me up from start to finish with her smart and sarcastic remarks. Even while reading in public, I couldn’t help laughing and snorting, which undoubtedly attracted unusual looks from onlookers.

I adored how Ali Hazelwood made a woman in STEM the primary character and highlighted the challenges they face in her narrative. It makes me happy to watch a lady like me take the stage in a relationship because I work in STEM myself. I can understand a lot of what Olive went through, including how frightening it may be to be in a field full of males and how uncertain she is of her worth and her abilities.

Olive and Adam’s relationship took some time to blossom, but it had plenty of tension and sizzle. Once you get beyond the slightly stupid setup for the phoney dating trope, the remainder is nothing short of wonderful and fulfilling. Adam is first wary, but he quickly starts to open up to Olive’s constant encouragement and playful teasing. His encouragement of her in their shared profession is really heartwarming, and it made me want this relationship even more.

The presence of graphic, open-door moments is a constant concern with romances. And whichever direction the book takes, it always turns off the other half of the audience who wants it to go another route. Because of this, I found the way it was handled in this novel to be especially appealing. If you don’t like them, you can easily skip them because they are all in one continuous chunk (spread across two chapters) and still enjoy the rest of the novel without having to worry about missing anything significant.

For me, this narrative completely fulfils all the criteria. It’s endearing, perceptive, and belly-laugh-inducingly amusing, and it made me think and feel. I will devour anything Ali Hazelwood writes in the future without a shadow of a doubt.

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