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Getting Over You Book PDF/ePub Download

Book Name:Getting Over You Book
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About Getting Over You Book Pdf

The oddest feeling I’ve ever had was when I was getting over you; even though my intellect understood the solutions, I had to grieve on the inside before I could move on.

Over Series #1 (competed) || Lei fears the end of any kind of connection, whether it be a platonic one or a romantic one, and this includes friendships as well. Therefore, she was angry, upset, and unsure of herself after her first lover, Andrew, ended their relationship. She was unable to come to terms with the fact that her first love had ended so abruptly.

Her life devolved into a chaotic chain of tragic occurrences, yet she never stopped yearning for Andrew in her heart. She wanted to move on from him, but doing so proved to be quite challenging for her. How could it be possible for her heart to forget someone she loved so deeply? Or is it possible for it to preserve the emotions and memories that she had cherished till he returns to her?

Readers Review

  • A stunning assemblage of breathtaking poems guaranteed to stir every feeling in your body. This is a must-read for any and all art enthusiasts.
  • I broke up with my 9-month boyfriend yesterday, and I feel like crap. After he cheated on me while I was sleeping in his bedroom, I cried myself to sleep with this book. While this book didn’t eliminate my suffering entirely, it did help me cope with it on a more manageable level.
  • This book was fantastic. I had intended to read the final chapter when I was feeling better, but I found that it expressed how I feel and how I want to feel right now, in the midst of my pain. In just a few words, it expresses everything about heartbreak that is true about it.
  • I bought this book at a time when I was experiencing the worst heartbreak of my life. And it was like reading my own mind, just written much better. It’s comforting to know that my sadness is shared by others.


The book only got three stars from me since the language wasn’t as profound as I’d hoped and partly because it was overly repetitive. Also, I thought it would have more poetry, but instead it reads like a big piece of prose with only a few sentences every page.

although I enjoyed this book, I didn’t find the “healing” sections to be particularly helpful. Sadness persisted. It’s almost as though she penned it while she still wasn’t completely recovered. Please don’t misunderstand me; I enjoyed the book. Unfortunately, I’m reading it in the incorrect season.

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