King of Wrath (PDF/ePUB) By Ana Huang Read Online

King of Wrath (PDF/ePUB) By Ana Huang Read Online for free.

King of Wrath Book Information

Book Name:King of Wrath
Author:Ana Huang
SeriesKings of Sin #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.88 MB
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Dante Russo values authority in all aspects of his life.

The CEO of a multibillion dollar company had no intention of getting married until he was blackmailed into being engaged to a woman he hardly knew.

Vivian Lau is the daughter of his latest adversary and a jewellery heiress.

No matter how pretty or pleasant she is, it won’t matter. He’ll try to eliminate any trace of their engagement by any means necessary.

There’s just one catch: he can’t bear to lose her now that he’s had her.

*** Elegant. Ambitious. Well-mannered.

The Lau family’s ascent to the pinnacle of society rests on the shoulders of Vivian Lau, the model daughter.

If she hadn’t married a blue-blooded Russo, her new-money family would have never had access to those opportunities.

The brusque and evasive Dante isn’t exactly her ideal life partner, but she marries him anyhow.

It wasn’t in the plan to be so desperate for his touch.

Neither could she possibly regret doing more than falling in love with her future spouse.

King of Wrath is a sexy tale of a wealthy man’s arranged marriage. It has some light violence, mild language, and some explicit sexual content. These books are intended for an older audience.

About The Author Ana Huang

American and international acclaim have both showered upon best-selling novelist Ana Huang. Her books, which include the aforementioned Twisted series and others in the New Adult and contemporary romance genres, include strong, independent female protagonists, alpha heroes, and plenty of steam, tension, and swoon.

Her writing has been featured on NPR, Cosmopolitan, the Financial Times, and Glamour UK, and her novels have been sold to more than a dozen foreign publishers for translation.

She considers herself a nomad who will never refuse a cup of chai and loves to incorporate foreign settings into her writing.

Ana spends her time daydreaming and searching Yelp for her next favourite restaurant when she’s not reading or writing.Her Twisted novels have brought her the most fame.

King of Wrath Book Summary

Like so many others, I began reading Ana huang’s twisted series last year and was immediately captivated by her compelling prose. That show “worked” because it was so familiar and fanfiction-like. As soon as you started reading, you had a good idea of the typical plot elements and character interactions to expect. which is a lot of amusement for me. That said, I’m quite aware that not every reader will enjoy that.

…this book? marks the beginning of a new series and, in my opinion, represents a minor deviation from Ana Hua’s tried-and-true method. and I’m not upset about it. Dante and Vivian, the protagonists of this novel, fake their engagement for “reasons I won’t go into here to avoid spoiling the book.”

in terms of narrative, not too dissimilar from Twisted Lies. however the trick here is in the execution. When compared to the author’s prior pairings, Vivian and Dante have a considerably more nuanced relationship. Maybe it’s because Vivian is 28 and not a recent grad. However, the heroine does not make a fool of herself or the hero rushes into overly dramatic, clichéd admissions. Rather, you have a relationship that develops in a more nuanced way.

But fret not, followers of the Twisted series! There are plenty of exciting plot twists and steamy sexual encounters to keep you hooked.

The tension was the only reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars. You can see the outcome coming from a mile away, but I kept hoping we’d take a diversion. I’m not a big supporter of lying by omission or concealment in a love partnership. but the penultimate apology more than compensates for the former.

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