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King of Pride (ePub/PDF) Download book by Ana Huang Read Online.

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Book Name:King of Pride
Author:Ana Huang
SeriesKings of Sin #2
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:4.31 MB
ePub Size2.28 MB
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She is the complete opposite of him, yet at the same time, she presents him with the most seductive temptation he has ever encountered.

Isabella, with her purple hair and outrageous jokes, is the embodiment of anarchy, whereas Kai Young is quiet, regulated, and proper to a fault; he has no want or time for chaos, and he has no desire or time for Isabella.

The media empire that the rich heir inherits is at risk, and he simply cannot afford the disruption that she presents.

Despite the fact that Isabella is everything he shouldn’t want, he can’t help but be compelled to go against all of his principles every time he looks at her or touches her…

and adopt her as a child of his own.

Isabella Valencia is an independent woman who enjoys going out to parties and has never met a man, with the exception of Kai Young, whom she was unable to enchant.

It shouldn’t matter to anyone. He translates works of literature into Latin simply for the fun of it, and he’s a member of the exclusive club where she works as a barman, so he’s obviously not her type.

More Details on story

Even though she may make an effort to deny it, she is aware that beneath his chilly demeanour lies a guy who has the power to seduce her with his touch.

They make a valiant effort not to give in to their embarrassing urges, but in the end, they are unsuccessful.

regardless of how much it costs.

King of Pride is a steamy love story that takes place between two wealthy men who couldn’t be more different from one another. This book can be enjoyed on its own, despite the fact that it is the second installment of the Kings of Sin series.

Explicit content and language throughout the entire work. Only appropriate for individuals over a particular age.

About Ana Huang Author

Author Ana Huang has found success both domestically and internationally. Her novels, such as the Twisted series, are known for their beautifully dominant guys, strong heroines, and ample helpings of steam, angst, and swoon in the New Adult and contemporary romance genre.

Her books have been purchased to over a dozen publishers in different countries for the purpose of translation, and she has been profiled in a variety of media venues including NPR, Cosmopolitan, the Financial Times, and Glamour UK.

She considers herself a nomad who loves to write about faraway places and never passes up a good cup of tea.

While she’s not reading or writing, Ana likes to get lost in thought and look for new restaurants on Yelp.

Synopsis of King of Pride Book

You are already aware that the outcome will be quite satisfying.

What I anticipate the topics of the subsequent books to be:

There will be a book about the forbidden romance that took place between Luca and the mafia princess, or even on his potential new relationship with Leaf.

Sloane will have a relationship similar to that of a manager and an employee with the football player who was involved in the automobile accident.

The addition of a British accent to Kai and Isabella’s relationship makes them the ideal couple; after all, everyone adores a gentleman on the sidewalks and a devil in bed.

Dominique and Alessandra have entered into a marriage that was predetermined by their families.

Consider the intimate setting of the room, which is reminiscent of Valhalla, as well as the moments that provoke feelings of envy, such as him drinking heavily with another woman at the bar while she makes a drink.

What keeps running through my head is:

They are complete opposites in terms of their personalities, which is one of the reasons why they complement each other so well.

the conversations that they will each have with the other.

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