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About Deviant King Book

It would not be appropriate for the antagonist to have the throne.

My plan is straightforward and simple.
After I graduate from Royal Elite School, I intend to enrol in the institution that best suits my needs.

My plan is doomed the moment the principal of the school even glances in my direction.
With just one look, he chokes off all of the air I breathe.
The way he looks at you is the same as passing the death sentence.

The very first things he said set off an unstoppable chain reaction of chaos in my life.
“I’ll obliterate you,”

Aiden King possesses no traces of any other race.
Dark thought dark heart Dark soul

I should have kept silent and made the most of the limited amount of time I had left.
Not me.

When the king was comfortably seated on his throne, I naively attempted to irritate him.
The devil within his own personal hell.

It is now up to me to pay the repercussions.

Being on Aiden King’s bad side could put your safety in jeopardy.
However, being on his wanted list can be quite dangerous.

The first installment in the Royal Elite Series is referred to as Deviant King. There are happenings in this dark new adult romance about a high school bully that are debatable and that some readers may find unpleasant. Aiden is not your conventional image of a romantic hero. In point of fact, he does not qualify in any way as a hero. Don’t bother reading this if any of that makes you uncomfortable. Thank you.

In the Royal Elite Series, the first three books are titled “Deviant King,” “Steel Princess,” and “Twisted Kingdom.”

This is not a novel that can be read on its own; rather, it is the first installment in a trilogy.

About the Author

Rina Kent is without rival when it comes to romantic comedy revolving on polar opposites finding love with one another.
She finds the shadows to be fascinating, the tension to be delightful, and the twists in the plot to be mentally nourishing. Don’t be too quick to dash her hopes; she enjoys the fantasy that she is a true romantic at her core.
Her heroes are typically anti-heroes and villains because she has always been the oddball who goes for the boys no one else likes. This is also why she likes them. Her writing is characterised by a little bit of intrigue, a little bit of anxiety, a dash of violence, and a whole lot of vehement emotion.
Rina spends her free time in her apartment in London either plotting her next dastardly act or laughing hysterically like a mad scientist whenever an idea she’s been mulling over finally comes to fruition.

Deviant King Book Summary

My image of Rina Kent has been greatly changed. The protagonists in this narrative are not your typical young adults, and neither is their relationship typical. If you can’t handle sexual circumstances that aren’t totally voluntary, you might want to get ready to clutch your pearls. * That being said, read the content warning first*.

The title says it all: Aiden King is one sleazy mommyfucker. His moral compass is as broken as a fuckton of tacks, and he has no limits at all. Several of the things he did to Elsa were cruel, insane, and completely illegal. Even so, I found myself supporting his efforts to win Elsa over.

My feelings are irrational because she requires a restraining order and a psychiatric evaluation before she can be around me again. Apparently, I share this sentiment, as I found myself wanting her to give in to several of his requests really early in the novel. LOL I also wanted her to give him a taste of his own medicine by fighting him, and she did that, too. Elsa’s choices are beyond my ability to criticise because Aiden has me just as screwed up as she is.

Elsa and Aiden were so adorable together; I couldn’t get enough of them! Literally, I sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. The passionate exchanges between them were dark, perverse, and extremely sensual. From the outset, their connection is murky, and just when you think you have it figured out, BAM! Rina Kent will surprise you with a devastating curve ball.

In addition to the romantic elements, I like the mystery of Elsa’s lack of memory of her upbringing owing to a horrific event. Elsa and I were trying to fit together the puzzle pieces that keep popping up in our dreams and flashbacks. If, like me, you prefer books in which the narrator is just as clueless as the reader, then you will love this one.

As the first installment in a series, Deviant King ends on a cliffhanger. Even though I found some resolutions, I was still confused by the whole experience. Steel Princess, I can’t wait for the next chapter! Elsa’s perspective has been dominant throughout the novel thus far, so it will be interesting to hear Aiden’s thoughts for a change.

I was interested enough in the book’s minor characters that I would have liked to read more about them. Let’s hope their own series of novels is in the works for the near future!

Readers who enjoy dark bully romances and dominant males with a touch of sanity lost should enjoy Deviant King.

Critics by Readers

To begin, let me say that the author obviously copied from previous, more successful romance novels in order to create this one. The answer lay in a mashup of…
Penelope Ward’s Bully
Raw by Belle Aurora, based on the Four Horseman series by Laura Thalassa.

I enjoyed each and every one of them, and I have no problem returning to them or similar variants again and again. However, when the parallels are pointed out, it appears lazy. My laughter would sometimes be uncontrollable because of how obvious it was.

Aside from that, the textual aspect… Let me leave you with one of my favourite quotes and let you be the judge.

“My throat gets sore every time I try to spit out his name…. He’s like a puff of vapour,…. oppressive, treacherous, and incomprehensible.”

It seems to me that the writer considers herself a poet. In this case, she doesn’t. Don’t go crazy with the superlatives, these are just teenagers.

And now, for the final word….
Even though it was really problematic, the author did a wonderful job depicting sexual chemistry between the characters. It’s virtually an admission of guilt on the hero’s part that he’s been inappropriately touching and harassing the heroine, and he managed to escape with it. However, if you can put off your feminist thinking for an hour or two, you’ll love the show very much. It’s a breeze to read. No deep thought is required, and the twist is so obvious that it’s hilarious.

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