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Heated Rivalry PDF/ePub

Book NameHeated Rivalry
AuthorRachel Reid 
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There is no way that Shane Hollander’s handsome opponent will derail his game.

Ice hockey player Shane Hollander has a stellar reputation to go along with his incredible talent. Hockey is his life and his passion. Even if the handsome Russian whose chiselled physique keeps him up at night were to try to unseat him as captain of the Montreal Voyageurs, he would not back down.

The captain of the Boston Bears, Ilya Rozanov, is the polar opposite of Shane. He is as arrogant as he is talented, and he thinks he is the best ice skater in the world. He can only be defeated by Shane. They’re known for being antagonists to one another, so the tension is understandable when guards are down. When Ilya realises he wants more from life than a series of one-night affairs, he realises he must go. There is too much at stake.

The more they begin to feel for one another, the more pressure they will be under to keep their connection secret. If the truth is revealed, both of their lives could be in ruins. If their mutual reliance overcomes their individual desire for ice time competition, however, privacy will no longer be an option.

Trust in the power of the mouse. According to the Carina Press Romance Promise, the protagonist and hero will end up together in the end. And I mean it!

Author Biography: Rachel Reid

Rachelle Goguen is a pen name for Rachel Reid. It was easier to pronounce and remember, so she choose for it instead Rachelle Goguen.

Rachel’s smut is often romantic and involves handsome hockey players. Game Changers, her m/m hockey romance series, is published by Carina Press.

Canadian-born Rachel/Rachelle currently resides in Nova Scotia. She grew up there, and by all indications, she never plans to leave. She has two amazing kids but two boring degrees.

Heated Rivalry Book Summary

Thanks to Rachel Reid’s Heated Rivalry, I’m currently experiencing a literary high.

Since I have a soft spot for hockey players and hockey romances, I felt compelled to continue reading Rachel Reid’s hockey series, even if I didn’t appreciate Game Changer. I’m glad I read Heated Rivalry even if it triggered strong emotions.

The book does contain some sexual content, but it is secondary to the budding relationship between the protagonists. I find it fascinating to observe how their love-hate dynamic develops over time. Although they were immediately attracted to one another, their fierce competition and competitiveness kept them from engaging in anything other than hostile sex for a very long time.

I thought the story was fine at first, but then I grew obsessed with it. I read the entire story in less than 24 hours despite its length (almost 300 pages) because I couldn’t put it down. Even though the sex scenes were fast-paced, by the end I was so moved that I was crying. You’ll need a lot of patience to read this since it takes these two men an unacceptably long time to admit how they feel about each other. They start off as antagonists but end up working together for the greater good.

If you like hockey romances, half-Asian males with freckles, or tall, gruff bisexual Russians, you will like Heated Rivalry.


How does one go about voicing an unpopular perspective in a book like Heated Rivalry?

We had a lot more pleasure reading with Lara than on our own. Thank you for reading this and for putting up with my spam in the past. I’m sorry neither of us found this enjoyable, but at least we agree on where this goes.

You have no idea how many times my friends have recommended this to me (some of you have even begged me to read it). Even while I try not to allow the hype affect my view of a book, I think that high expectations were a key factor in my dissatisfaction with this one. Would I have enjoyed this book more if I had read it when it was originally published, before it became popular? Probably not; I’ve always been a sentimentalist and a romantic, so the same issues that bother me now also bothered me back then. Probably, since I used to be very concerned with what other people thought when I was younger.

Plan of Action

Thrown Back On the Ice is being replayed. However, I think HR is a textbook MM in this situation. Both HR and Him are standard fare for MM readers who enjoy sports romance and hockey romances. If you consider yourself a reader of MM literature, can you really say you haven’t read this? I know it’s a popular tale, but I found it to be disappointing.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not an adversarial relationship but rather a competitive one. We all know that the mutual hatred that Shane and Ilya profess for one another is an act. The Canadian hockey star Shane Holland and the Russian hockey player Ilya Rozanov play two morons who can’t help but be horny for each other in the film Heated Rivalry.

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