Daddy’s Worst Nightmare (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

Daddy’s Worst Nightmare (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

Daddy’s Worst Nightmare Information

Book Name:Daddy’s Worst Nightmare
Author:Jessa Kane
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Since I was six years old, when my father’s enemies first began to target me, Damian has been my guardian angel. On the eve of my 18th birthday party, he came to take me home. He’ll do anything to win me over as his bride.and he’s not going to accept defeat gracefully.

Arya was the only person in the harsh environment of which I was a part to do me the kindness of feeding me when I was hungry. I’ve accumulated a criminal fortune that I intend to dump at her feet. It’s simple to take Arya from her dad. And caring for her is the purpose for which I was created. The difficulty will be in shielding her from the dangers of my environment.

Daddy’s Worst Nightmare Book Summary

For the first time in my life, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face. But most of all, I experienced love.

Because of her father’s enemies, Arya has been forced to live a sheltered life. Since she was seven years old, she has been under the constant watch of her “guardian angel” rather than her father’s guards. A man who never leaves her side, waiting in the shadows to pounce on any potential danger.

Damien, please. This is the guy who has devoted himself to her. He bases every decision on what will make her happy.

Nothing will stand in his way when he decides to make her his. This makes Arya extremely content.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness and vanilla flavour, given the description.

Arya was really sweet, and I got a good laugh out of her temper tantrums. But the best part was when Damien soothed her nerves.

Since obsessive, committed men who will cross no ethical boundaries to ensure the safety of their ladies are my raison d’etre, it should come as no surprise that I found Damien appealing.

This one, Hefty, or Breaking the Bully are great places to start if you’re new to Jessa Kane’s writing.

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