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Book Name:The Inheritance Games
Author:Jennifer Lynn Barnes
SeriesThe Inheritance Games #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.25 MB
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In The Inheritance Games, Avery Grambs plans to escape her troubled hometown after graduating from high school with the help of a scholarship. When wealthy benefactor Tobias Hawthorne passes away, though, Avery suddenly finds herself in a far better financial position. Where’s the catch? Avery has no idea why this is, or even who Tobias Hawthorne is.

To claim her inheritance, Avery must take up residence in the massive Hawthorne House, which is riddled with hidden passages. You can tell the old man loved puzzles, riddles, and codes because he left traces of them all throughout the house. Unfortunately for Avery, the Hawthorne family, which Tobias Hawthorne has just evicted, has taken up residence in the same mansion. Included in this group are the four Hawthorne grandsons, all of whom were raised on the expectation that they would one day inherit a fortune in the billions of dollars.

These young men are charismatic, dangerous, and exceptionally bright. The rightful heir, Grayson Hawthorne, has concluded that Avery is a con artist and is set on punishing her. Her other brother, Jameson, views her as their grandfather’s last shot for fame: a puzzling enigma, a mystery that needs to be solved. If Avery wants to survive in this world of affluence, she will have to figure out how to play the game on her own. Threats are always present.

About the Author

Jennifer Lynn Barnes, called “Jen” to her friends, was born in Tulsa. She has dabbled in several activities, such as lemur fandom, comic book fandom, teen modelling, and competitive cheerleading, volleyball, dance, and debutante-ing. Then She began writing at a young age and finished her first full book—a ‘practise book’, she calls it—while still in high school. She wrote Golden the summer after her first year of college, when she was nineteen.

Jen graduated from high school in 2002 and earned a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science from Yale University in May 2006. During the 2006-2007 school year, she intends to attend Cambridge University in the United Kingdom to study and conduct research on autism.

Synopsis of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Inheritance Games

The heroine of The Inheritance Games, Avery Grambs, is an orphan who longs to attend a prestigious university and get away from her miserable background. But then something even more unbelievable happens. Even though they have never met, she has never seen him, and she has no known relationship to the millionaire Tobias Hawthorne, he leaves Avery his whole estate in his will.

The odd clauses in the will add a layer of intrigue. The first is that for at least a year, Avery has to let Tobias and his disinherited family stay in the home they once owned. Oh no, this is becoming complicated. and maybe even destructive.

The Hawthorne Mansion is a large residence steeped in mystery and dark past. Avery’s belief that Tobias Hawthorne is using the house, the letter she received with the will, and the will itself as pieces of a greater puzzle to play a game from beyond the grave grows stronger by the day.

Tobias’s irate offspring, the persistent press, and the four Hawthorne grandkids have already shown that Avery is in over her head (Nash, the caretaker, Grayson, the enigma, Jameson, the rebellious explorer, and Alexander, the playfully serious intellectual). I find this quite exciting, unfortunately for her.

Puzzles and riddles captivate my interest. I don’t like YA mysteries because, in reality, Avery and the Hawthorne brothers are not crime-solvers but puzzle-solvers; I don’t get why they choose to be detectives rather than calling the police. Very amusing.

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