Forbidden Hero (PDF/ePub) by Jackie Walker

Forbidden Hero PDF/ePub by Jackie Walker Free Books.

Forbidden Hero PDF/ePub

Book NameForbidden Hero
AuthorJackie Walker
SeriesRedleg Security #2
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Here are some (very random) examples of things that really get under my skin:

He, the idiot, who thought it would be amusing to try to kidnap me. You’re gonna put me in a suitcase, huh? Rude!

  • My older sibling, who cautioned me about the importance of having reliable babysitters given the dangers I confront. Oops! Nanny services, did I forget to mention that? Oops, I referred to my own safety.

The Repeated Sibling I’ve decided to appoint my amazingly hot best friend as my primary bodyguard and telepathically discourage him from dating me because I’m starting to suspect he has a serious crush on me. (My closest buddy has a crush on you, not my brother. Quit acting so erratically.

Even though my new guardian is my brother’s best friend, he won’t let me kiss his jaw since it’s so powerful it could probably crack an enormous block of old cheese. His jaw was made of cheddar. My anger monster has been unleashed inside of me. The ludicrous rules established by my bodyguard, which ban me from ever again touching him improperly, kissing him, or indulging in any type of seduction with him. It was he, after all, who started it.
Unfortunately, wine is not calorie-free.
You, my ex-spouse, exist.
Legislation has made stabbing a crime.
My saviour and my heart have given me the gift of falling in love all over again. The gall!

The Author Says

The romantic comedy/romantic suspense novel Forbidden Hero is the second book in the Redleg Security series. Each book in the series has a satisfying conclusion, and each one focuses on a different couple. Beginning with “Heartbreak Hero” is recommended for series completists who want to avoid minor spoilers for overlapping side storylines between books in the series.

Written in alternating first person point of view and featuring steamy open-door scenes and language, this novel features a strong heroine with moderate anger issues due to her turbulent past, and a hero who will make you laugh one minute and drool the next (especially when he helps her recover her body). Among the heart-pounding action and raw passion, there are also some genuinely funny parts. Nobody has any problems with the “other woman” or cheats, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Close Quarters, Friends to Lovers, the Brother’s Best Friend, and the Secret Relationship/Forbidden Love are all examples of clichés.

This bodyguard thriller is intense, and some readers may be disturbed by some of the content. After the book’s dedication, you may find a link to my website where you can read more about these topics.

Author Biography: Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker is a fan and author of snarky, mushy stories with happy endings. Jackie’s romantic comedies are well-known for their witty dialogue, engaging protagonists and antagonists, surprise story twists and turns, crazy antics, hot heroes, and strong, independent female protagonists who don’t back down from a challenge.

Jackie, her now-teenage son, and their colony of rescued felines call central Florida home. Jackie has been writing professionally for a long time and reading for leisure for much longer; she decided to self-publish her work recently and is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Love and Other Chaos, her debut novel, is the first volume of her Love and Laughs trilogy. Different stories, although all in the same “world” and sharing some of the same characters, will all end happily.

Synopsis of the Book: Forbidden Hero

Jackie Walker’s Redleg series continues with a passionate and romantic take on the classic big brother’s closest friend trope.

The main character, Sammy, has a lot of depth. Due to her traumatic past, she is currently participating in therapy (Fantastic!!! So often in fiction, protagonists go through hell alone, with no one to cheer them on. She has resolved to quit taking the world at face value and start figuring things out on her own. She is also quite independent and refuses to be pushed about. Sammy seems like someone I could have a good time with throughout the book.

When compared to the other dominant cinnamon buns, Sawyer is the sweetest. How Jackie Walker manages to be both is beyond me. To begin, he is a strong ex-Army Ranger who is now a private security guard. He is authoritative and protective to the core. He also considers Sammy’s past and reacts sensibly to her touch requests. This generally dominant man’s lovely submission has won my undying admiration.

Despite the fact that this is a romantic suspense tale, there are many hilarious scenes throughout. At times, I couldn’t hold back the tears of laughter. The Heroine and the Hero in Hero’s Struggle were both characters I felt deeply for.

As summer comes to a close, this is a wonderful and engaging novel to read. It’s the kind of page-turner that will keep you up till dawn reading it.


Forbidden Hero, the third book in Walker’s Redleg Security series, maintains the series’ excellent quality. Sammy is a tough cookie (and so are her young monsters), and Sawyer, an ex-Army Ranger and self-proclaimed alpha male, is a swoon-worthy, lovable, and hilarious hero. Sammy’s elder brother also acts as her bodyguard, but there’s a catch: Sawyer is best friends with both of them.

Reading the first book in the series is not required to enjoy this one, but it will definitely improve your overall experience. The humorous throwback to the original novel and the additional knowledge on the principal characters will make this book much more enjoyable for the author’s fan base.

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