God of Pain (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Read Online For Free

God of Pain (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Download and Read online For Free.

God of Pain ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:God of Pain
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesLegacy of Gods #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.46 MB
ePub Size469 KB
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I messed up royally.

Because of my status as a mafia princess, I was aware that my future was set.

But I still wished for the incorrect one.

Creighton King is dangerous, despite his attractive appearance.

He doesn’t speak a word and seems distant emotionally.

Now I realise I was mistaken.

Until the beast within me is unleashed by him.

My name is Annika Volkov, and I am the archenemy of Creighton University.

He will keep at me until he finally succeeds.

He becomes broken, or I do.

Beginning of the Plot

The sound of a trapped animal that may be a wild animal wakes up the protagonist. She is wary of shedding light on the monster for fear that it may take a dark turn. Even though she is well aware of the potential for mayhem and confusion, she sometimes spends the night in her brother’s mansion, the second safest spot on campus. He should take her under his wing, where she will be safest with guards keeping an eye on her.

The main character is a Volkov, therefore she has been shielded from harm her whole life. She’s afraid to go out in case her brother’s guards see her and tell on her brother and dad. But she’s resolved to avoid danger, and her insatiable curiosity keeps her up at night. With just the glow of the balcony light to guide her, she takes a risk, accepting that destiny moves in strange ways.

A young woman’s protagonist is awakened by an unknown intruder on her balcony. The creature wears a black mask that seems to be both smiling and sobbing. The protagonist is frightened by the juxtaposition of the black and white features on the mask. The mask’s sinister energy disrupts the protagonist’s poisonous tendency to see the best in others.

Even though he knows he should go before the guards catch him, our hero presses in closer instead, making her flinch. The protagonist is compelled to take a step back and stare at the guy because of the intimidating presence the figure exudes. Her face is close to where the mask is, and there’s a distinct odour of soot.

The main character feels cold and curious about what is under the mask. She wonders whether she has caught a glimpse of the enigmatic creature’s blue, black-rimmed eyes, but she eventually comes to the conclusion that it is not the person she is remembering. As the protagonist studies the apparition, she begins to wonder whether this is the person she has been fantasising about.

The heroine hears a blast and a voice with a Russian accent outside her door. A security guard interrogates her about a possible security breach and questions her personal safety. Despite the guard’s reassurances, she insists on being nude. The guard says the boss is her brother and that he would search her while wearing a sheet. The protagonist has doubts about staying with her since he has trouble breathing whenever she is around.

The heroine politely requests that the guard leave before Jeremy arrives so that she may get some privacy. He smothers her with a gloved hand to the face. He then presses his lips on hers, making her wonder whether she’s dreaming or experiencing some kind of mental breakdown. She will go into trouble if she speaks up, he says to her. He moves back from her, releases her, and then sneaks off the balcony.

The protagonist loses control of her limbs and tumbles down the wall to the ground below. Although her fingertips just brush across the spot where his had been a moment earlier, it is still a touch. Now it’s her turn to be the unwanted object of desire.

God of Pain Book Summary

In this cutting-edge series, Rina has once again brought her A-game. The growth of the characters never ceases to amaze me, and I always look forward to the cameos and crossovers. This series is darker than her normal fare, but the story advancement and romantic concepts make up for it.

It’s true that Cray Cray is possessive about everything from food to the bedroom, but Creighton is proof that the most silent men are often the most lethal. Since he was so obscure in GOM, he came as something of a shock. Creigh was a character we learned little about, but he has all the finest attributes that create an RK hero with his darkness and coldness, in contrast to the psychopathic inclinations of Landon and Killian and the other characters.

Whereas the REU girls fell head over heels in love with Annika at first sight, I, like Creigh, had to take my time getting to know this tiny purple hellion. Seeing her shed the princess character and become the tough Volkov that she is made me proud of the heroine she was becoming in the second part.

Story’s development

The story’s development was unlike anything Rina Kent had ever seen before. The timing was off at the early stages of the relationship and the ensuing seriousness, but it evened out during the climax of the dispute. Creigh gives in to her hopeless romantics, while Annika gives in to Creighton’s dark, lethal, and controlling appetites, resulting in a rapid but intense romantic growth. Like Creigh and Annika, I was torn in two after witnessing that scenario, my emotions still reeling from the blood, tears, and sorrow. After the halfway point, the story’s intensity peaked, and the characters’ motivations, interactions, and the rest of the plot’s deep details emerged in vivid detail. When his brutal background was exposed and their limits were broken, it was evident that Rina’s brilliant writing style had established her as a premier provider of dark romance.


I can’t end this review without praising Rina for the growing cast of fascinating people she’s creating. Finally, we get a glimpse of Eli King’s inner life and learn what motivates this peculiar young man. After the tight fraternal bond we got in GOM, GOP provided us all we could’ve hoped between Eli and Creigh, but it also gave us more insight into the ever-manipulative Landon King, who was another pleasant surprise. Those two are walking embodiments of the King spirit, and the mayhem we cause inside their skulls will be unlike anything you’ve seen in a Rina Kent novel before. We got to see a softer, more caring side of Jeremy, the youngster we saw in the Deception trilogy, when he was a brother. He was still as protective as you’d expect, perhaps even to a fault.

The AxA showdown has finally here, and it’s better than anyone could have imagined. Everyone’s fates, from REU students to Taku faculty to first-generation parents, are in the balance after explosive riots and violent encounters. One of the best sequences ever filmed by Rina may have been the meeting of these two deadly DILFs in the same room. Finding out more about the Kings and Volks was more than I could have hoped for, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Rina for creating such a fascinating world that connects the first-generation’s sexiest men and warmest mothers to the second-generation’s most mysterious boys and most unexpected girls.

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