Play Maker (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki Hall Read Online For Free

Play Maker (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki Hall Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Play Maker
Author:Nikki Hall
SeriesWild Card #4
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a platonic friend. In the meantime.

A date with Wonder Woman, the opportunity to perform in and sing at the same Super Bowl, and that was it for me last year. For some reason, I just don’t give a damn this year. Awaiting the arrival of Blue. The shy girl with the rainbow hair won’t let me go through this alone, and I’m beginning to wonder if everything I’ve lost was worth it just to find her.

A good friend’s ex is not someone I’m going to sleep with. A good friend’s ex is not someone I’m going to sleep with. A good friend’s ex is not someone I’m going to sleep with. Even if he ends up needing a friend when she leaves. Even if he’s willing to serve as my dating coach. Even if no one else can make me feel with just a look the way Mac can. So there you have it. a platonic friend. Friends only. There was no hope for success.

A friends-to-lovers, reverse grumpy/sunshine, he falls first, collegiate football romance with plenty of heat, Play Maker is the fourth full-length novel in the Wild Card series of steamy interwoven standalones featuring the football players of Teagan University. The release date is tentative, but it’s expected to be somewhere in the autumn of 2023.

Beginning of the Plot

One summer before his senior year, our protagonist, a college student, became romantically entangled with his closest friend, Eva. He wishes he had spent the summer with her instead of accepting her hookup offer and feels guilty about it. His emotions for Eva are a mystery, and he can’t seem to find a way to deal with them.

The protagonist, during a low-key garden party, is surrounded by attractive ladies and begins to question whether or not his life makes any sense. Instead of going to a party where he would have been assured anonymity among sportsmen, he chooses to go to a Chi Omega event. But all of a sudden, he realises that his life doesn’t work and that he doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy.

Their wedding has been in the works ever since Eva was suspended from first grade for hitting an asshole child who stole her brother’s lunch. Since Eva has departed, the protagonist has developed romantic feelings for Wonder Woman. The heroine can’t seem to stay away from Blue, even though every time she encounters her, the mysterious lady is different. She’s attracted to her and curious whether she thinks her physique is beautiful.

In the months after she began warming up to Eva, the heroine isn’t sure whether Blue has showed any admiration for her physique or if she has spoken more than two words to her. The protagonist’s fascination in Blue, despite the enigma surrounding it, provides her some reprieve from the stress and sadness of her relationship.

The main character is fascinated by a girl called Blue who is exploring the fridge at a residence. She inquires whether the Chi Omegas are aware that she is stealing their expensive treats. The protagonist offers her some stolen cheese, but she just wants a cool drink. The protagonist wonders why she followed them into the kitchen in the first place while they have their snack. The protagonist is nervous about confessing her affections to her, but she eventually does. The protagonist steals two water bottles from the next counter to buy time, but the antagonist forbids any sexual activity between the two of them.

Blue seems to have romantic feelings for Sunshine, a female character. She says that the entire ordeal with Eva put her off the game and that she doesn’t attempt to sleep with every lady she meets. She goes on to say that she is always her authentic self and that she has no desire to use her penis.

For her part, Sunshine explains that she saw Blue outdoors and speculated that she was finally seeing the real her. She says that she finally had enough of the BS and that she knew she needed a change since she was no longer content with her life. She explains that she is not comfortable discussing such topics but still wants to hang out with her.

Blue admits she does not desire a love relationship and just wants to hang out with Sunshine. Despite her advice that they hang out with someone from the outside world, Sunshine remains in her company throughout the summer. To emphasise her point, she offers to use her pepper spray.

Despite her feelings of confinement and disappointment, Sunshine is resolved to spend the next several months trying something new. She demonstrates a kind embrace by hugging Sunshine herself. When surprised, she says, she tends to throw blows rather than ask questions.

Sunshine is still resolved to discover who she really is and try something new this summer, even after their uncomfortable chat. She appreciates the chance to try something new and is prepared to overcome the difficulties of becoming a cuddler.

About The Author Nikki Hall

Nikki Hall has a Ph.D. and a foul vocabulary, making her a smartass. She typically includes loving families, feisty female protagonists, and doting male heroes in her happily-ever-after tales. She’d sell a child for a second season of Firefly, loves coffee, but gets stabby when there’s a mess to clean up. Her entire collection of modern sports romance novels may be found here.

Play Maker Book Summary

My first Nikki Hall novel was “The Play Maker,” but that won’t be my last. My mood hasn’t changed at all. The humour in “The Play Maker” is sharp, hot, and delightful. It has everything—a little bit of envy, a theme of reverse grumpy sunshine, a golden retriever MMC that falls first, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Mac, a collegiate football player, has hit rock bottom ever since he broke up with Blue’s best friend and Eva. The two grow close after Blue, who struggles to make friends, enlists Mac’s help in learning how to flirt in preparation for her mother’s forthcoming wedding. As time goes on, the two get closer, which is complicated by the fact that Mac was previously dating Blue’s best friend.

Despite being the fourth installment in the Wild Card series, “The Play Maker” can be read as a stand-alone story. From my perspective, there was no ambiguity.

In exchange for my honest opinion regarding this book, I was provided with a free copy of it.

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