Next To You By Hannah Bonam Young ePub/PDF (Next #2)

Next To You By Hannah Bonam Young ePub/PDF Download and read online for free (Next #2).

Next To You By Hannah Bonam-Young Information

Book Name:Next To You
Author:Hannah Bonam-Young
SeriesNext #2
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.02 MB
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Lane is struggling with his sense of self. Everyone she knows is in committed relationships except her, her career is going nowhere, and? The woman is unhappy. So she goes out drinking for her birthday and then makes a really bad impulse buy. A huge, yellow, 48-seater school bus that she plans to convert into her home.
Lane, who has inherited a substantial sum of money but no experience renovating, enlists the aid of her friend Matt, a mechanic by training, a handyman by habit, and a natural hottie.
Even though they’re obviously attracted to each other, Matt and Lane have tacitly decided that a romantic relationship between them is impossible. In contrast to Lane, who is completely averse to commitment, Matt has “settle down with me” tattooed across his forehead.
After Matt’s unconditional offers of assistance on the bus and in the bedroom, Lane’s feelings for him quickly develop beyond “just good friends.” But she quickly learns that mending her past is essential to constructing anything new.

In the stand-alone romance _ Next to You, the bisexual protagonist is tattooed, anxious, and chaotic, and the hero is a cinnamon roll with a good heart and a foul mouth. Including friends who interfere, a pet rabbit that gets away, an abundance of siblings, and a wedding that ends in disaster. After losing a loved one, life seems to have stopped. Read about two friends who are most definitely not in love as they try to keep their sex unattached and find their happy ending.

Warnings: a parent dies suddenly in a car accident (referenced throughout) Conditions and remedies for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

About Hannah Bonam-Young Author

Hannah, a Canadian citizen residing in Ontario, is a best-selling romance author on Amazon. Near Niagara Falls, on Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory, she now resides with her husband Ben, two children, and bulldog.

Love stories that blend the beautiful, messy, and challenging realities of life with a cast of diverse, disabled, marginalised, and LGBTQIA+ characters are what Hannah writes.

She enjoys reading and writing romantic novels, but when she’s not doing either, she’s hosting dance parties in the living room with her kids or organising a cheese board for a special event.

Next To You Book Summary

The novel Next to You was fantastic. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more of this author’s work after finishing the first book in this series. This was equally entertaining to me as the original.

Lane and Matt get along great. They’re the only two single people in their group of friends, and while they like each other, Lane isn’t sure she’s ready for a serious commitment. But it’s tough to say no to Matt.

I’m a sucker for a cinnamon roll hero, and Matt fit the bill admirably. The way he worked alongside her to construct the bus, shared his favourite books with Lane, and was generally there for her. In a word, I loved him to death. Seeing Lane develop was a joy, and by the end, I was damn proud of her.

An amazing story of friends-to-lovers, gloom and sunshine (she’s the gloom) and everything in between.

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