Distance by Luna Mason (Pdf/ePub) Beneath The Mask #1

Distance by Luna Mason (Pdf/ePub) Beneath The Mask #1 Download and read online.

Distance by Luna Mason PDF Information

Book Name:Distance
Author:Luna Mason
SeriesBeneath The Mask #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.53 MB
ePub Size955 KB
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Keller I started out as a poor, underground street fighter but eventually became the heavyweight champion of the world.
There was no indication that I was also a shadowy monster.
Until my debts were paid, I was trapped in the mafia.
Freeing myself was as easy as making a deal to join my belts.
Then a beautiful British firecracker fell on my lap and knocked me off balance.
I knew that taking her would put us in harm’s way, but I did it anyway.
Now I have to decide whether to fight for my own liberties or to protect hers.
Could she still love me if the truth were revealed?
Can we overcome our inner demons with only love? Sienna I’m newly single and determined to make New York City my permanent home, so I have no interest in dating for the foreseeable future.
There was never anyone around for long enough for me to trust in fairy tales.
Until we met him, that is.
Even though he tried to conceal himself from me, I was unable to avoid him.
Could I still be here if the facade suddenly collapsed and the truth became clear?
Even if my life depended on it.
Could we overcome our reservations about romantic commitment and work towards a happy ending?

The first installment in the standalone Beneath the Mask Series, Distance features a dark mafia romance. The mafia meets the world of professional sports in the tense and exciting novel Distance.

Author: Luna Mason

Luna Mason is a writer specialising in current and dark romance.

She presently resides in the United Kingdom with her husband, son, and a teeny-tiny rescue pooch.

When she’s not writing, you can usually find her with her nose buried in a savoury novel.

Distance Book Summary

The first chapter of the book begins with the protagonist, Sienna, discovering that her fiancé has been cheating on her. To her great relief, she is able to escape both that view and him permanently, but it is only natural for him to try to sneak his way back to her. When we find out some pretty disturbing facts about him, it makes you question for a moment why he is behaving the way he is and also why he refuses to give up when it is obviously obvious that the game is already lost. Especially considering that there is absolutely no more love between these two, which is a startling revelation.

Keller had it all; he was extremely muscular and covered in tattoos. Our mafia enforcer, who is also a very well-known fighter in his own right. They immediately spark each other’s interest, and the tension between them is established rather quickly; this is in no way a relationship that develops gradually. He already has a protective instinct towards her and tries everything in his power to safeguard her from harm, not just from her previous boyfriend but also from the mafia connections he has.

This novel has just the right amount of intrigue while still having a great plot. I don’t want to give too much away since I think everyone who reads this should at least make an effort to be surprised by it.

The only criticism I have is that the length of the book should have been adjusted, but other than that, I have no other comments.

I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series, which focuses on two supporting characters who are really intriguing.

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