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Book Name:Faux Beau
Author:Marina Adair
SeriesSierra Vista #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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A one-night stand can turn into a lifetime commitment?

Milly Smartt, who has appointed herself “hall monitor of life,” is prepared to take risks and enjoy life to the fullest. Milly only accepts the dare to kiss a stranger in a pub because it was her deceased sister’s wish for her to pursue happiness. The only problem is that she is very sure the stranger is actually her childhood crush, Lucas Macintyre, and not some random person. Even when Milly finds out she slept with Jaxon Macintyre, Luca’s playboy twin brother, she is overjoyed by their passionate night together.

Jax Macintyre, pro snowboarder and confirmed bachelor, holds the Olympic gold medal in one-night stands. There will be no false assurances, morning-after, or family introductions. But when Milly’s parents show up unannounced, he gets caught with his pants down. When Milly presents him as his twin brother Lucas, he is prepared to escape through the window if necessary. Worse, she starts to freak out and, rather than telling her parents the truth about their casual relationship, she says that he is her boyfriend. Jax doesn’t need a date, especially not with a Mr. Darcy lingerie-wearing, happy-go-lucky romantic. But when he’s put in charge of organising a snowboarding competition at his family’s resort, he decides to make a romantic overture to her. Until her parents leave town, he’ll pretend to be in love with her, and in exchange, she’ll help him organise the best competition possible.

Surely it can’t be that complicated. A few outings, maybe a couple dates, no sweat. When people find out that they are dating, they immediately have an opinion. Jax’s family has started asking them over for dinner, Milly’s mom is making plans for the wedding, and his brothers are finally starting to respect him as a valuable member of the lodge’s staff. Then the false starts to fade after an unplanned kiss that was meant for show. Their bargain is now moot because Milly’s parents are leaving town, the event is winding down, and Jax is eager to return to the competition circuit. The question is whether or not they plan to stick to the terms of the initial deal.

Featuring a swoon-worthy self-proclaimed boy-toy, a case of mistaken identification, and the idea of a one-night-stand, Faux Beau is a funny, pee-your-pants romcom that will make you fall in love with a phoney romance. It’s the first of a series, but it can be read independently of the others, and it will make you feel all the emotions.

There is no cheating, no triggers, and a happy ending in the mistaken-identity, one-night-stand, friends-to-lovers, phoney relationship romcom Faux Beau.

About The Author Marina Adair

Marina Adair is a best-selling author whose contemporary romances can be found on the shelves of bookstores all around the world. Her St. Helena Vineyard series was optioned and turned into the first three Hallmark Channel Vineyard films (Autumn in the Vineyard, Summer in the Vineyard, and Valentines in the Vineyard), and she has reached the top spot in Amazon’s Kindle Paid rankings. Raised in the Bay Area of California, where she was born. She has a Master of Fine Arts from San Jose State and lives with her husband, daughter, and two crazy cats in the Bay Area. If you want to sign up for her email, you can do so at MarinaAdair.com

Faux Beau Book Summary

This latest novel by Marina Adair (and the first in a new series) was fantastic. I knew straight away that I would enjoy this because it uses the cliche of a phoney relationship, which I adore. Marina Adair has consistently provided me with enjoyable small-town romance series, and this installment was no exception. In addition to the primary couple, Jax and Milly, we meet many of the residents of Sierra Vista and the potential partners for them in this first novel.

The development of Jax and Milly’s relationship from one-night stand to friendly faux-romance was entertaining to see. Adair’s works consistently strike a nice mix between a lighthearted rom-com feel and more serious themes. It was heartening to watch Jax confront his fears of abandonment and Milly find ways to cope with her loss. I can’t wait to read the next installment and learn more about Kat and Nolan.

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