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Book Name:Check & Mate
Author:Ali Hazelwood
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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The game of chess is over for Mallory Greenleaf. After the sport tore her family apart four years ago, Mallory now prioritises her mother, her sisters, and the dead-end job that pays the bills. That is, until she reluctantly decides to compete in one last charity tournament, where she meets the reigning world champion and reigning Bad Boy of chess, the infamous “Kingkiller” Nolan Sawyer.

The fact that Nolan lost to some random rookie is shocking. What’s more perplexing is… He was itching for another pawn cross. Just what type of risky move is Nolan making here? The prudent action would be to leave. Resign. No more play. In spite of everything, Mallory can’t deny her attraction to the mysterious tactician, especially because her success would result in much-needed financial awards.

Mallory is fighting a losing battle to protect her loved ones from the very game that has propelled her to the top. The games aren’t just on the board, the limelight is greater than she thought, and the competition can be fierce (-ly alluring), Mallory realises as her passion for the sport she so strongly wanted to despise begins to revive. And witty…and annoying…)

About The Author Ali Hazelwood

My name is Ali, and I compose contemporary romantic comedies centred on strong, successful women working in the academic and scientific fields. I have a soft spot in my heart for kitty cats, untidy ponytails, and Nutella. In addition to that, I’m currently teaching myself how to crochet, so it goes without saying that my life is extremely busy and full of exciting experiences.
On Goodreads, I’m able to share my enthusiasm for books that I’ve read and appreciated (many of which have been early reader copies that other authors have provided to me).

Check & Mate Book Summary

The pressure is on Mallory Greenleaf. She works in a repair shop to make ends meet while also acting as a chauffeur for her sisters and helping to care for her sick mother. The Greenleaf family has had a rough time since Mallory’s father passed away. They avoid discussing their father or Mallory’s troubled history with the game of chess. Mallory is confused when her best friend encourages her to enter a chess tournament, and she goes on to beat the world champion, Nolan Sawyer (swoon).

Mallory quickly finds herself back in the chess scene and collaborating with Nolan. How well can she hide her chess hobby from her loved ones while also staying away from the world champion chess player she may have feelings for?

When I first heard that Ali was writing a young adult novel, I didn’t know what to anticipate. Ali, though, imbued them with her trademark wit and charm. Nolan was somewhat reticent and cantankerous, like most of Ms. Hazelwood’s heroes, and I immediately fell for him. Their chemistry was always entertaining, and I really enjoyed watching them interact.

Check & Mate started off a little slowly for me, but as I got into the plot, I couldn’t put it down.

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